Cascada- Every Time We Touch

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Hi, this is my first post ever on this board and also my first beatmap. :D It took me around five hours to make.
I chose this song because the rhythm is fast and upbeat; it's a good song that is always easy to tap to. I tried to put as much creativity into it as possible, and I'm very sure it's perfectly calibrated. I looked up the BPM (which is 142) and snapped all notes to either 1/2 or 1/4 beats. Right now it seems like it's on the Hard/Insane difficulty, but if you guys like it I'll go make an easy or medium one. :)
Try it out and let me know if there is anything I can do to make it better. Thanks!
Download link is below. Have fun!

EDIT again:
The hard mode is working again. It turns out that my normal mode saved over it and I had to re-add some beats in. This is seriously the final version. (Added in a Chao background ^_^)

Easy, Normal, and Hard (updated)
Cascada - Every Time We Touch
Wow,Nice Beatmap. I Love It. It has Good Rythem And Seems To Fit Nicely With The Song :)
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Thanks for playing it ^_^
Anyone else that feels like rating a new song?
Fantastic work! I really can't find anything wrong with it - perfect! Great first beatmap, and it can only get better :D Before it gets ranked, I think it deserves an Easy or Normal version (or both). Can you do that and then re-upload the updated .osz?

Looking forward to more beatmaps from you! :D
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Yes sir! I have completed both easy and normal modes. :D
Thank you for the feedback, and I hope this song will be ranked soon ^_^
I edited the first post to include it.
Great! The new difficulties play pretty well to me. If another mod agrees we can add this to rankings!
Very Fun! Also one of the songs I really love. Nice choice!
Very good beatmaps here! Well done! Though, and maybe it's just me, one of the spinners on easy didn't want to build up a charge...oh well, was probably just me.
Brilliant design, perfect placement and timings.

wow....9 years.IDK why but somehow it makes me feel as I actually played/saw the game 9 years ago randomly.

And I wish It was true :)
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