Tamura Yukari - Sweet Darlin'

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My second beatmap. Full of quality and difficulty. :lol:

Title: Sweet Dalin'
Artist: Tamura Yukari
Album: Little Wish ~Lyrical Step~
Anime: Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha

Enjoy and please comment. :lol:

Tamura Yukari - Sweet Darlin'
Very well made. Beat spacing is a little counter-intuitive sometimes but you are consistent and there are plenty of repeats so I got used to it. Pretty sneaky timing change at the end there to catch people out - I like the idea! When players think they've got that shiny S-rank in the bag - BANG.

I'll wait for some more feedback from other players and mods before doing anything further. For now, have a nice shiny star :D
I loved this beatmap! I couldn't find anything wrong with it. Like eyup said, a very sneaky BPM change at the end =P

Just one recommendation: lower the overall difficulty for hard mode slightly, or else no one (except eyup and ivalset) will be able to pass it.

I beat [Hard]!

...on my eighth try! 409/176/35/12x

Drain's pretty nasty.

As for the beatmap itself, it's amazing. On Hard mode, at least. Haven't played the other difficulties yet, but I got some work to do and my arm's too damn sore now.
Congrats - ranked :D
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Online-offset seems wrong. Recheck it, plese.

Why i feel original better? :\
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