How to propose Ranking Criteria changes

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Want to see a change in the Ranking Criteria? Here's how it's done!

  1. Create a proposal thread in this subforum. Try to be as detailed as possible while explaining your proposal.
  2. Come to a consensus. After discussing the proposal with the community and making any necessary changes, contact a member of the NAT to see if the proposal can be implemented. If the proposal has ongoing discussion or is contentious, it will likely not pass.
  3. Create a pull request on the osu!wiki GitHub repository. Usually this is done by a member of the NAT involved in finalizing the decision.
  4. Await approval from peppy. After a week or two with no further discussion (or peppy's approval), the change can be implemented.

If you have any other questions about how to use this subforum, feel free to send a PM. Good luck!
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