How to propose Ranking Criteria changes

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Want to see a change in the Ranking Criteria? Here's how it's done!

  1. Make a new thread in this subforum. Include this information at minimum:
    1. What is your proposal? If you want to add a rule/guideline, write it out fully. If you want a rule/guideline changed, copy/paste original and your own modified version. If you want a rule/guideline removed, copy/paste the original.
    2. Why propose this? A brief sentence or two explaining why you want part of the Ranking Criteria modified should suffice.
    3. What part of the Ranking Criteria does your proposal apply to? Is it a rule or a guideline? Is it part of the general RC or a mode-specific RC?
  2. Hold a discussion with the community. Try to reach an agreement and modify your proposal as needed. Without a clear outcome of the discussion, it likely won't be amended. Additionally, if a thread falls inactive for ~30 days, it'll be archived. As the one making the proposal, you're the one who has to keep a discussion going!
  3. After an agreement (or something close to that) is met, create a pull request to the osu!wiki GitHub repository. If you're not sure how to do this, pishifat will likely handle it for you if your thread falls inactive for a few weeks. The changes will be discussed among relevant members of the Nomination Assessment Team and Beatmap Nominators, then eventually published to the wiki!

If you have any other questions about how to use this subforum, feel free to send a PM. Good luck!
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