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Current Priority: +14
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Oh god we have so many posts already
just please grant our wish u_u/sobs
do it \o/ I don't care to much, but I support. :3
It's not fair for the Malaysians... p/1550353

We're going to pray for your subforum quickly.
I was wondering where this thread went. I'll look into it.
Please do Derek, and thank you for the effort.
I'm just wondering if there's actually a need for separate Indonesian and Malaysian forums. I read through this thread again and see posts saying that they're different, but *how* different are they? Is it like the difference between Latin American Spanish and Español de España (or similarly Portuguese and Português do Brasil)? I haven't gotten to research the differences like I wanted to, so I would just like to hear some more information!

EDIT: Also, aren't both languages currently using the #malay channel in-game?

Wikipedia wrote:

The differences between Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) and Malaysian (Bahasa Malaysia) or Malay (Bahasa Melayu) are significantly greater than those between British English and American English. They are roughly mutually intelligible, but with differences in spelling, pronunciation and vocabulary.

To non-native speakers of the two languages, Malay and Indonesian, may seem identical, but to native speakers, the differences are very noticeable through diction and accent. These differences often lead to incomprehension when used in formal conversation or written communication. These differences also affect broadcasting business in relation to foreign language subtitling, for example DVD movies or TV cable subscriptions. In order to reach out to a wider audience, sometimes both Indonesian and Malay subtitles are displayed in a movie side by side with other language subtitles.
There's a whole article here if you need further clarification.

tl;dr - Both of these are different enough in vocabulary that some words which are identically spelt may even carry entirely different (even offensive) meanings in the other language.

As for the edit: I can only assume that the #malay channel is often largely populated by Indonesians (since I don't frequent it anymore) as during my first few visits I find it slightly hard to comprehend the chat. I doubt the other more active Malaysians use that channel often as well. I am tempted to also add, which is probably why you don't see too many Malaysians posting in the Bahasa Indonesia sub-forums either, but correct me if I am wrong.
Thanks for the article, it was very interesting. (:

I never knew that the differences between the two languages were so large, and thus I agree that they shouldn't be lumped together.

Here's your new forum!

Edit: about ingame channels, I don't think any malaysians use them at all at the moment
Now it's time to do something with this. t/47999
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