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Problem Details: (I don't know if this is duplicate but I can't find anything related so far so I'm sorry if it is.) For some reason osu removes the star difficulty value after an update. (not BSS submission, but the "Update to the latest version" button.) This also happens sometimes when a change has been done to the map from the editor, but not always. Somehow, playing the map on Editor by pressing F5 to go to the debug state recalculates every map's star difficulty. (not one, but every map.) Example: If there are 10 maps that have this issue, and you open one of them in editor and press F5, it recalculates the map's star difficulty as long as the other maps. But, it's a bit annoying to do it on every update because modded maps are updated. This might also affect sending PP values to the website since they are star difficulty related but I haven't tested it yet. My main issue is the deleted (not SR=0) star difficulty values, and I'm looking for a solution for it. Thanks in advance.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20180307cuttingedge
Definitely had this happen to me. Updating my beatmap made star difficulty disappear on 2 of 4 difficulties.
This is occurring on Taiko maps, correct?

Can you give specific examples of the maps which have this problem?

What mode is your game set to when you notice this happening? If you are on standard, are you able to get the maps to recalculate by switching to Taiko?
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Yes, I guess it only happens on Taiko. I can give specific examples but, it happens when I press that update button almost always. For example: https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1276762 This map is proper, everything is in place but when I press the update button the star value disappeared. I believe this is a general issue for Taiko because I'm not the only one who experiences this, I also see complaints on another conversations.

Resolved in the latest cutting edge.
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