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I'm relatively new to Osu! and I finished a beatmap just now. The Song I used was a Nightcore Version of "Gambling Man" by "The Overtones". I have permission to use the song from the person who did the Nightcore version, but I can't reach the artists from the original song, as they are too popular and won't reply to a mail by someone wanting to make an Osu! beatmap.
If I were to upload the Beatmap now, do I have to worry about copyright issues? Which artist do I write in the artist section when I set up the Song, the original composers or the composer of the version I'm using? Is there anything else I have to look out for before uploading my first beatmap?

I hope I wrote this in the right section, feel free help me out if I did anything wrong.
It would be best if you use the original name of the song followed by (Nightcore mix) or something similar, and the original artist in the metadata. If you want to, you can mention the person who made the nightcore version in the description of the beatmap.
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