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Problem Details:
My osu client started having serious framerate problems yesterday, and pretty much the only thing i changed is power plan setting from 'balanced' to 'performance', which should have the opposite effect.

It takes something around 30-45 seconds to even launch the game, then stays at 30fps in menu, and either freezes when starting a map. If i wait in menu for ~10 minutes before playing, the game doesn't freeze, but frames reach 20-50 during gameplay which is still barely playable. This happens regardless of using integrated intel or nvidia 650m graphics and running as admin or not. i used to get 200fps on integrated alone.
Tried reinstalling osu and reverting the power plan, both to no avail.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:


i don't really understand what it means, but it says something about osu critical error at the end of the file

osu! version: 20171227.2 (latest)
Restart your computer.

Make sure you have nothing running in the background using up a ton of resources.
Ashamed to admit that restarting osu did fix the freeze issue, even though i turned my laptop on/off a couple of times today. I'm still getting worse performance than i used to, with some hiccups that cause misses, although it's in the playable range now at 80-100 fps.
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