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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2018년 10월 18일 목요일 at 오후 9:17:39

Artist: SUNMI
Title: Gashina
Tags: Peter HabiHolic Marianna -M4x Max PeterEU Kpop K-pop 이선미 메이크어스엔터테인먼트 MAKEUS ENT. 원더걸스 WONDERGIRLS
BPM: 94
Filesize: 29732kb
Play Time: 02:55
Difficulties Available:
  1. @}-;--`--- (5.65 stars, 566 notes)
  2. Habi's Light Insane (4.02 stars, 468 notes)
  3. Hard (3.15 stars, 341 notes)
  4. Marianna's Extra (5.3 stars, 647 notes)
  5. Max' Insane (4.77 stars, 543 notes)
  6. Peter's Normal (1.95 stars, 197 notes)

Download: SUNMI - Gashina
Download: SUNMI - Gashina (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

'Gashina' means woman in Korean but it also has the meaning of flower so I made the name of the last difficulty a rose emoticon

BYE BYE V1 and my friends!! thanks for love my maps with shooting star points

Peter's Normal - By. Peter
Hard - By. me
Habi's Light Insane - By. HabiHolic
Max' Insane - By. -M4x
Marianna's Extra - By. Marianna
@}-;--`--- - By. me

------moved set to graveyard for focus on real life------

video from >> AteMyKimchi 고마워 김치야

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