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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on zondag 28 januari 2018 at 14:34:53

Artist: Kshro
Title: Trash
BPM: 130
Filesize: 2381kb
Play Time: 00:51
Difficulties Available:
  1. 400 PP (7.04 stars, 136 notes)
  2. Irre's Easy (1.46 stars, 33 notes)
  3. Extra (5.7 stars, 138 notes)
  4. Hard (2.92 stars, 89 notes)
  5. Insane (4.42 stars, 121 notes)
  6. Normal (1.9 stars, 66 notes)

Download: Kshro - Trash
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
i'm gonna regret this. cringe warning
''this song's about a map, that i'm making for a game.
a game that is called osu, and oh boy that game is lame.
all you do is farm, farm until you get the pp.
and now i'll teach you how.

you place a circle here, and a streamjump will do good.
but that's not all you need, add some sliders for the mood.
it's time to add some jumps, with a little too much spacing.
and that is all you need.
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