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Some people will be happy for this, other not so happy orz, well anyway this is a release I'm making ehhhh because someone asked for it :3


What it's?
It's a little app made for me for add "dots" effects to SBs, like in this map Fallen Down.

Only make dots effects?
YES and no, can be used for similar effects, but is main purpose is dots effects.

It's stable?
This is a stable ver. but it will crash if you set wrong inputs.

Can I abuse of it :3?
Please NO abuse of it.

How much time takes to calculate 1000 dots?
I don't know, sometimes it seems like it's frozen but is calculating so wait ultil it's finished.

Do I need something specific for run it?
YES, please install .NET framework 3.5 if you are using Win XP

Why it's not working?
There can be a lot of reasons, .NET framework, your operative system,.... only thing I can say is "it's not very portable" sry.

Explanation of each input:
  1. Initial time [ms]: Initial time where the first dot appears, for example, 00:10:000 = 10000 ms so initial time is 10000.
  2. Time interval [ms]: Interval of time between each dot, for example, if first dot appears in time = 1000 and interval is equal to 200, then next dot will appear in time = 1200.
  3. Time duration of each dot [ms]: Duration for each dot, for example, if initial time of a dot is 1000 and Time duration is equal to 5000, then that dot will disappear in time = 6000.
  4. Number of dots: Need explanation?
  5. Tweening: Go and read a guide about SBding.
  6. Layer: -^
  7. X Range: If random X is selected then initial and final position will be the same, that position will be random between the Initial number and the final one. If random X is not selected then all dots will move from initial to final position.
  8. Y Range: Like X Range.
  9. Enable Fade out at end?: Keep this active if your dots need disappear inside of your screen.
  10. Scale random Range: Gives Random size to each dot.
  11. Rotation random Range: Gives random rotation to each dot.
  12. Colour random Range: Gives random colour to each dot.
  13. File path/name: Can be changed to another one, for example, SB\lights\aa.png, etc.

Explanation of output:
  1. Code will be displayed in the white box, you need select all of it and then copy it to your .osb file.


Download: osu!dots.rar

Special thanks:
  1. To blissfulyoshi for his testing <3
  2. To S i R i R u for ask "how" hahaha

Cyril Scarlet
Helpfull thread <333
SB masterヾ(๑╹ω╹๑)ノ
eh?ヾ(๑╹ω╹๑)ノ(/me slaps Breeze
wow this is cool
Snowy Dream
nice thing ~~
Can I ask you for the sourcecode?
The link is dead.
Have a new one : )

Download: osu!
thank god.
Can you get the dots at random places?
Sorry I'm new to storyboarding
The tool's description says that you can enter random X (and random Y) so that should do the trick
I however believe the App is outdated, so better use SGL or ParticleGenerator
I just started SB scripting, look at osu official SB scripting guide, i see no IF ELSE, no RNG built in, dont even have a full hitsound trigger support....

Thank you for making this program, you are awesome
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