December 2011 Chart; Best of 2011 voting!

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NatsumeRin wrote:

Edit: It's very clear that some of the guys still don't know what is serious what is not. And it's kinda interesting that they like the sentence "don't be childish" a lot...
If this is about Aha?, deal with it. Who didn't see this coming? It's impossible to prevent something like this when you let the internet vote lol
So many troller voters? wow
This gonna be more serious now.
I'm serious
Why are people complaining about Aha? when they suggested voting for Evansama? Both maps really aren't top-level and just got famous for being "jokes" or "dramas". Regardless of that, I loved the chart. The most memorable maps of 2011 are really there, including the troll ones.
Oh yeah, I don't think that Shiirn's maps are the best maps of 2011. They're OK, but not the best ones.
"My choices didn't get in, and everyone else's is crap. Fuck the majority!"

Is what I hear when people complain about the chart.

Best of 2011 is "most popular" not "most skilled mapping".

NatsumeRin wrote:

We could see the chart now but where to check the votes..?

Edit: It's very clear that some of the guys still don't know what is serious what is not. And it's kinda interesting that they like the sentence "don't be childish" a lot...

NatsumeRin wrote:

Let's vote for Evansama.

Shiirn wrote:

Best of 2011 is "most popular" not "most skilled mapping".
Since when best=most popular?
Aha? <3 Even though I didn't voted for you, you deserve it. lol

tieff wrote:

Since when best=most popular?
"Best of 2011" looks better and is easier to say, really. Nobody's saying these are the absolute best of the year, but they're the most voted for, for better or for worse.

Yumi14 wrote:

Too many option for 10 votes D:
Agreed.. :)
Aha? is actually a pretty good map, the song maybe annoying and everything but the map it's pretty good and fun to play, stop complaining about it cause it deserves it's place here even tho i didn't vote for it D:

it's not like that ztrot map that got to the chart last year, that one was bad lol
ztrout =/= ztrot

ztrot maps are good!!!111
yeah true, that one i meant, my memory sucks my badddd
Have you guys ever tried dancing on a song you disgustingly hate? Ya, that's how it felt like playing Aha! Great dancing moves, but terrible terrible song to dance on. I don't hardly call that a pleasant gaming experience.

Yes, I'm claiming that the game play is what determines the quality and this is why it's so subjective. I would not blame for people who enjoys the song Aha! (Sang by whoever it is) and votes for Aha!

But Aha! is one of the prime example of people's hatred for a bad song. The thread itself shows how much people really hated the beatmap. It's really hard for us to just accept that Aha! is voted for one of the best beatmaps, while we call that beatmap to be one of the worst beatmaps. So please don't try to argue us to just plainly accept the result. We hated it and we still hate it.

Even though I'm retardly late for this, but I just wanted to have my comment on the result.
Banned pro mappers
'Aha?' (not 'Aha!', which is an entirely different beatmap, by an entirely different mapper, of the original track [the lack of distinction speaks volumes about the people who protest against 'Aha?' so heartily]) is just an excellent and hilarious beatmap. The tragedy of Shinta's singing is hilarious and enjoyable for anybody with a sense of humour. It's just fun, which is more than I can say about many of the popular beatmaps here. Why won't you haters at least appreciate that yet?
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