December 2011 Chart; Best of 2011 voting!

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2 announcements for the price of 1! First off, the December chart is finally live! You can view this chart by clicking here.

Chart Packs:
osu! Part 1
osu! Part 2
Catch the Beat

The reason why the chart is up so late is because we are changing the timeframe in which monthlies are done. In the past we've always tried to get it up as soon as we could when the new month started. To make things less stressful for us, plus to give you all a definite time frame on when we'll be done, I'll be posting new charts on the 15th of each month. These charts will run until the 14th of the next month. We will be running Themed charts at the start of each month now, beginning with our next themed chart, the Best of 2011.

The 'Best of' charts have been created by users voting on their favorite maps. This year will run identical to last, in which you are lead to a page containing every single ranked map from the year 2011. As before, any maps with approved difficulties cannot be used, due to a bug in the scoring system.

Click here to vote on your favorite maps from 2011!

Ah, and I suppose I should also give awards for the winners of the last charts. Congratulations to Uan, KDS, and Shockwave for winning the November charts. Congratulations to Uan, KDS, and kenji for winning the Beatmania IIDX Chart.

As always, leave all feedback and comments in this thread.
EDIT: I suck at reading.

Poor Rainbow Tylenol, was my only map with a chance to get in here. I guess no cookie for me this time :(
Ahh, the list is so inconvenient to read. ;_;
too many maps ;_;
Just go through your favorites and ctrl+f

Easy vote for me. Hopefully others agree.
Too many option for 10 votes D:
Done voting 10 of ALL beatmaps...

You know how difficult to find a beatmap we love the most and vote them.v Don't y'all think?
It takes much time for me to vote but it's worth :D
Snow Note
In this time,Ctrl+f is very useful

It's easy to vote for me too~
Best Map:

Lastendconductor [Natteke]
Final Answer [gowww]
Solar [Shiirn]
The Battle of Lil' Slugger [lolcubes]
Flower [TKiller]
Freestyler [Lesjuh]

and many more! o/
07th Expansion - miragecoordinator [La Cataline]
Amane - Midsummer Festival [Natteke]
DJ Sadan - Theme of Laura [IceBeam]
Zektbach - Turii ~Panta Rhei~ [fartownik]

Is this "post what you voted for" now?

Lily - Marie-Luise [spboxer3]
Kato Miliyah x Shota Shimizu - Love Forever (Serious Mix) [dkun]
Quynh Nhu - Don Coi (Instrumental) [kazumikos]
07th Expansion - Final Answer [gowww]
Bomfunk MC's - Freestyler [Lesjuh]
Hatsune Miku - Rubik's Cube [rui]
Nekomata Master - Byakuya Gentou [ignorethis]
Ryu - I'm so Happy [tsuka]
sasakure.UK - Jack-the-Ripper [Sprosive]
Shounen Radio - neu [v2b]
wa. remixed celas - Suishou-Sekai ~Fracture~ [soulfear]

Cyclone wrote:

As before, any maps with approved difficulties cannot be used, due to a bug in the scoring system.
Damn, I wanna vote for Okui Masami - God Speed [ykcarrot]
In that case, my list is:

Hatsune Miku - BadBye [goodbye]
ALiCE'S EMOTiON - Ghostly Parapara Ship (Hardcore Edit) [Thite]
ALiCE'S EMOTiON - Colors [S i R i R u]
Bomfunk MC's - Freestyler [Lesjuh]
Boys Like Girls - The Great Escape [JauiPlaY]
Hatsune Miku - Homework Crisis [val0108]
Hatsune Miku - Senbonzakura (Short Ver.) [NatsumeRin]
Megpoid GUMI - Poker Face [NatsumeRin]
O-Life Japan - Yamanobori Kibun [qinche]
Hatsune Miku - Game of Life [wcx19911123]

wcx19911123 wrote:

too many maps ;_;
Ctrl+F the map you like :3
S o r d a
Chata - anesthesia [Apricot]
Chata - Yuujou Pop [Rorry]
Chata - Koi wo Shiyouyo [goodbye]
fripSide - magicaride [swish]
Nekomata Master - Far east nightbird [Muya]
Hatsune Miku - Kimi ni Uso [KanaRin]
Hatsune Miku - BadBye [goodbye]
Megpoid GUMI - Yume Chizu [y u c a]
Hatsune Miku - Senbonzakura (Short Ver.) [NatsumeRin]
Hatsune Miku - Nightmare Party Night [banvi]

Shounen Radio - neu, I hope it can win the chart >_<

Anyway :
  • Nekomata Master - Far east nightbird [tsuka]
    Bomfunk MC's - Freestyler [Lesjuh]
    Shounen Radio - neu [v2b]
    SHIKI - Mercury Lamp [kiddly]
    Pendulum - Watercolour [Larto]
    DJ Sadan - Theme of Laura [IceBeam]
    Nekomata Master - Silence [Nakagawa-Kanon]
    Hatsune Miku - SYMPHONIC DIVE (DIVA edit) [banvi]
    Amuro vs Killer - Mei [yeahyeahyeahhh]
    Sum 41 - The Hell Song [Natteke]
S h i o n
Bomfunk MC's - Freestyler [Lesjuh]

Hatsune Miku - Senbonzakura (Short Ver.) [NatsumeRin]

Hatsune Miku - Netoge Haijin Sprechchor [Lalarun]

Hatsune Miku - Rubik's Cube [rui]

IOSYS - Power of Dream (Night Fever Refix) [Kite]

Kozato Snow - Izayoi Sakura [Mystica]

Nekomata Master - Far east nightbird [tsuka]

Shounen Radio - neu [v2b]

Suzaku - VANESSA [La Cataline]

Tatsh - reunion [ouranhshc]

Good luck ~!!
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