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MMC #1 Results
MMC #2 Announcement
MMC #2 Results
MMC #3 Announcement
MMC #3 Results
MMC #3.5 Announcement

Results are here, and what an exciting experiment they conclude! MMC 3.5 marked our first Special Contest: a final total of 22 pairs of mappers joined forces to show us their collab skills.

Much thanks to:
  1. My organizers: Chaos, Xenans
  2. The judges: Cerulean Veyron, Smoothie World, squirrelpascals, and Namki
  3. Chaos (again) for providing all the supporter tags (as always)
  4. Everyone who participated in the contest, in one way or another
Thanks for everything, I couldn't have done it without you!


Please welcome the champion duo of MMC #3.5: pishifat and handsome! With a total score of 144 (average 36.00), these two showed us why they are mapping favorites in the community, receiving consistently high scores from all judges. Each of them will receive 4 months of supporter and a nifty profile badge. Congratulations, pishifat and handsome!

In 2nd place: Milan- and appleeaterx! With a total score of 139 (average 34.57), only a few points behind 1st place, these two showed they too are not to be underestimated. Each of them will receive 2 months of supporter. Good work, Milan- and appleeaterx!

And in 3rd place: DTM9 Nowa and _DT3! With a total score of 132.5 (average 33.13), this duo barely slid into the top 3 with a half point above 4th, and will each receive 1 month of supporter. Good work, DTM9 Nowa and _DT3!

Here's the winner's mapset (hosted by handsome):

In case anyone wants a refresher (or if any newcomers haven't seen it), this was the criteria that all contestants were scored upon: MMC Judging Criteria.

Full Judging Results

Judge D dropped out last minute, so that's why it's A B C E (this happened last contest too; is the letter D cursed or something?).

All of the following are sorted by each entry's map ID. These are listed alongside the contestant pair in the complete .osz below, as well as in the list of rankings and the full judging sheet. Note that both the entry numbers and judge letters were randomized prior to judging (and do not reflect the order in which the entries were submitted).

Here you can download the complete .osz with every entry: Dropbox // Google.

Here you can find the full standings, with total scores, averages, maximums and minimums, and standard deviations: Google

Here you can find the point values and statistics for each individual criterion for all entries: HTM

Here you can find the individual scores and comments for each entry, by each judge: Google
The first sheet contains all data. Each contestant also has their own sheet (navigable on the bottom) with their own data only.

If you have any feedback regarding the contest, please do tell me, whether in this thread or in a PM - I'd love to hear it. In particular, feel free to share ideas for future special contests!
Once more, thank you to everyone who participated, and I hope you'll be back next time!
Who had ever thought NA and SEA blend well together in a collab
Hey Zexous: Results When
Wow, congratz to Turtle and DTM9 Nowa :)
Lince Cosmico
damn we got #5 not bad lol
:) :D ;) :o >:( :( :? 8-) :lol: :x :P :oops: :cry: :| :roll: :!: :?: :idea: :arrow: :shock:
:) :D ;) :o >:( :( :? 8-) :lol: :x :P :oops: :cry: :| :roll: :!: :?: :idea: :arrow: :shock:
Congrats to all the winners and a huge thank you to everyone who participated! All supporter prizes have been given out (pishifat opted to give his supporter since he didn't need it via guess the number to cococolaco).

I know there are some grievances about the "Playability" criteria and we'll be looking to adjust that moving forward. The goal of the criteria was to ensure that we got actually playable entries and not maps with glorified gallery sections or stuff like that, since in reality making a map that is rewarding to play should be a goal of mapping in general. However, we don't want the criteria to cause people to opt for "safe" mapping and not take risks in fear of losing out on points for uncomfortable or atypical mapping when it does fit the song.

Please, as always, if you have any comments or suggestions about stuff we did and stuff we could do let us know! We're always looking to find ways we can improve and make future contests even better.

See you next time!
Congrats to the winners! Love to see apple and milan in second :D

Much love to the organizers for running these contests, it's a lot of work and is very much appreciated.
Ayy only contestant who participated in all MMCs

Gratz to the other winners (and thanks Pachi :3)!
Also thanks to Zexous and the other organizers for organizing the contest!
who even uses completed projects forum?
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