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osu!mania 7K World Cup 2018 - Discussion Thread

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hell yeah finally, it took only 4 years to increase from 20 team lol

juankristal wrote:

MWC 7K 2018 will have a total of 24 teams finally!
When will the lat 8 teams be revealed? :v
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All countries should be up already on the wiki page!

(if not it is because it might take a bit to load up)
Too bad there is no room for more countries to join. But I look forward to watching it anyway.

ggsnipess wrote:

The real question is, will Japan have a team this year :thonk:
ok damn i've been bamboozled, japan has a team this time around, with auzen even, big spook.
Stay safe from mindblocks guys, remember to use random on maps you think are mindblockable and are rd'able. Don't restart on mistakes and try to have fun while practicing, playing with your team instead of practicing alone is a good way to do that.

Just saying that since mindblocks have been the biggest problem for me with tourneys from past experiences.
Wiki updated with Group Stage Schedule and Mappool

Hope to see good matches ;)
and so the meme poland vs indonesia at group stage MWC part 3 begins

also pls whoever pick TB map you deserve a cookie
i swear i signed up i guess i withdrew then forgot to sign up again lmao

hf guys
where's the playoff bracket reeeee
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