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_Maze wrote:

Wanted to try this out but I'm having hard time running it. Whenever I launch sync.exe it stops working.
see this

Nicxify wrote:

Which Sync Version Do I Download?

GUI Version Or CLI Version?

If you just need realtime pp feature, CLI is enough.
If you want use Sync stream feature, GUI is great.

Arthritis wrote:

Hi guys,

Me and DarkProjector got talking about it and he managed to find the issue for me, here is a quick guide to fixing it:

1. Download the rar file

2. Open the location of the rar file, and right click it, then select properties.

3. Tick the checkbox under the general tab that says "unblock".

4. Press Apply/OK.

5. Extract the sync file from the rar file.

6. Run the Sync.exe

Hope this helps guys.
You are a hero, thank you! :D
its not working in fullscreen.. and in text mode its not really smooth. Can i do anything to use that normally by capturing the window?

- Remilia wrote:

Make sure your console window have these output
[12:35:15 PM] [OsuRTDataProvider][ID:0]Not found osu!.exe process
[12:35:15 PM] Default GUI by Deliay : )
[12:35:15 PM] Loaded 9 Plugins
[12:35:15 PM] Loaded 2 Sources
[12:35:15 PM] Loaded 1 Clients
[12:35:15 PM] Loaded 22 Commands
[12:35:15 PM] Loaded 11 Filters
[12:35:15 PM] Done
[12:35:15 PM] osu!Live Sync ver
[12:35:15 PM] Type 'help' command for help
[12:35:18 PM] [OsuRTDataProvider][ID:0]Found osu!.exe process
[12:35:27 PM] [OsuRTDataProvider][ID:0]Init PlayFinder Success!

The counter is work if you see '[OsuRTDataProvider][ID:0]Init PlayFinder Success!'
I get that exact stuff. I'll copy paste it from the console.

[1:29:19 PM] [OsuRTDataProvider][ID:0]Not found osu!.exe process
[1:29:20 PM] Default GUI by Deliay : )
[1:29:20 PM] Loaded 9 Plugins
[1:29:20 PM] Loaded 2 Sources
[1:29:20 PM] Loaded 1 Clients
[1:29:20 PM] Loaded 22 Commands
[1:29:20 PM] Loaded 11 Filters
[1:29:20 PM] Done
[1:29:20 PM] osu!Live Sync ver
[1:29:20 PM] Type 'help' command for help
[1:29:49 PM] [OsuRTDataProvider][ID:0]Found osu!.exe process
[1:30:47 PM] [OsuRTDataProvider][ID:0]Init PlayFinder Success!

Still not working for me, counter never changes.

- Remilia wrote:

DarkProjector update new version, try download new version. new version may work(and new version archive include the gui plugin)
When did that update come out, I just got this yesterday.
How can I configure this to work with other modes (primarily mania)? All it does now is count misses and inaccurate notes without ever updating pp (it stays at 0.00pp)
I love this and i really wanna use this on my Stream, sadly everytime i start it, it just crashes and i have no idea why :c
it works smoothly, but I still don't know how to make it visible only when I am playing, on song selection no.
This looks like a really cool project! I saw it in a video.

But the rar file has an error...

When I download the other way I have this error:

Do you know how I can fix it?
can you make a video tutorial on this to show us how to customize the programme? thanks!
am i supposed to download sync gui or sync cli?
I want to fork it and try some things out but I am having trouble creating RealTimePPDisplayer because it cannot reference Sync and OsuRTDataProvider.

I solved the problem with OsuRTDataProvider by editing the .csproj folder to reference the DLL.

However, I'm not sure what to do with Sync, especially because Sync is an executable and not a library. Sorry this is my first time fiddling around with C# so if you could help me out that would be great.

TLDR: I want to make a DLL out of modified RealTimePPDisplayer project and try it out on Sync.exe, but I cannot make the DLL.
Is there a way to keep the text from disappearing after leaving the map? The text seems to disappear on OBS as soon as the map finishes
woah nice .. gonna test it soon 8-)
Does this work with fullscreen?

YourPrincess wrote:

Does this work with fullscreen?
you can use Text mode and it willl output data to a file.
so... is there any way to get the real-time counter to work with fullscreen osu, because the ploblem with fullscreen is happening and idk how to fix, if i even can. i know i can use UseText to change it, but all that does is make is possible to open the text file and see current pp and stuff. i want it to actually count it in real time, and be able to be captured by obs
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