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I started playing osu! nearly one month ago, but I never really went on the forums. Before osu! I had played a few other rhythm games, most notably the Rhythm Heaven series. I love music and rhythm games have served as an escape from my anxiety. I'm not very good and I probably never will be all that great, but I don't play this game competitively, so I enjoy just being not so great at it. I highly doubt I will be very vocal on forums considering my inability to properly communicate with people online, but if you hear me, savor the moment.

That was my introduction and if I did something wrong please correct me immediately.

P.S. I have no idea how to use commas so please forgive me.
Yet you’re in the US :thinking:
Music is a good way to relieve anxiety, have you ever considered making some?

Welcome :P happy to see that I’m not the only suck communicator here
Hey dude. Rhythm Heaven was lit when I was younger and I still enjoy it on my Wii. As to the anxiety, we all have some built up inside and I believe music is a good way to relieve it. I hope that you stay on the forums too since it could also be a way to work out on those communication issues bit by bit. Anyways welcome to Osu! and enjoy the ride 8-)
Welcome to the forum then XD
Don't worry, no one will blame you for bad at communicating
You will get used to it
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