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Wondering about Storyboarding by Scripting?
Here is an intuitive cute tool for you :>

It achieves all the basic functions mentioned in the thread of Official Specifications ,and SBcode could be generated easily by clicking here and there.
We hope it can help experienced SBers to finish their SBs efficiently, or let rookie mappers understand Storyboard-codes better.

Generally what you need to do is choose a Sprite ,set some parameters and click the ">>" botten to generate SBcodes, then save as osbfile or copy them into your osbfile. Also you can import an osb file and edit it directly in the textbox.

Some simple descriptions:

"Object" label
  1. you need to click "..." button for picking Sprites or Sound Samples, and set layer, origin & ect. here
  2. stuff you picked are also shown in the list, click them to use
  3. preview of images is on the right

  1. Just provides the same events in Official Specifications.

"time calc"
  1. As the label's name, you can do some simple time-calculation here.

"String Filler"
  1. sorry i don't know how it works lol

"+Add tips"
  1. Click to add a new label, and double-click added tips to close them.
  2. You can make a memo,copy some temporary codes,or write anything here if you want to.


If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions, just reply to this thread or contact the author via forumPM or EMAIL(



0.0 好像很厉害的样子
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