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Recently, I've started making collections of beatmaps to play with my friends in multiplayer; For example I have a ridiculously large collection named "EDM" for when I play with my friend Mona who's very picky about music genres.
Now, I was thinking it would be nice if I could easily convert all the maps included in said collection, to a zip or osz file which I could then send to my friends such that they can play the maps in solo.

I could obviously do it manually by finding all the maps in my Songs folder, but for larger collections that just becomes impractical.
I'd imagine this feature would be pretty similar to the Export As .osk feature for skins, to I can't see it being too difficult to implement.

Thanks for reading! I hope your next play awards many nutritious, delicious peppy points.

(Upon further investigation, I see there's a third party software available here which is sort of similar. Still it would be nice to see as an integrated part of osu! :) )
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