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Problem Details: about 2 weeks ago I constantly run osu at 240fps but know when I open it I run at 15 ish so whenever I want to play I have to restart my computer to get 240 fps but right when I close it and open it up again it goes back to 15 frames. PLEASE HELP!!!! :(:(:(:(:(:(:(

osu! version: 20171106.5 (latest)
Check If It May be A Process In Task Manager That Could Be Slowing It Down. Have You Tried Compatibility Mode? Switch Your Skin To Default Then Check If Your Frames Increase, Then Change It Back Or Get A new One And See If The Problem Still presists. Run A beatmap Scan Because For Some Reason Mine Was Slowed Down Because I Didn't Do One. If This Dont Work Then IDK
it didn't work.
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