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Been wanting to suggest this for awhile don't know entirely how it would work, but if their was a way to spectate a player without having to login to the game maybe through osu website or browser would be more efficient since I play on my pc and dont have osu installed on laptop sometimes dont feel like playing and would rather spectate some people but if they're not streaming on twitch its an issue and cant be bothered to get up and get on pc just to spectate, would be a pretty cool feature I guess.

I guess the only negativity it could lose people viewers on twitch? doubt it though people usually watch on twitch for cams n stuff
just an idea I guess like I said don't know entirely how it would work but I guess id just leave the suggestion and see how the community or staff think about this.
That would require a huge transfer of data to the website because you would have to make every single concurrent player available. that would most likely go unutilized by most users.
Probably easier for everyone to just redownload osu! on you laptop
yeah like I said dont know how it would work or if their was a mini client that wouldnt require me to dl each map or some kind of thing

just to make life easier

or you could cap it at top 1k players I guess still would require as you said alot of data transfer

well anyway just a suggestion
osu! in incredibly light weight, lazer should be even lighter. If you have to download the maps to spectate, and require a mini-client, why not just download the main client? AFAIK osu! lazer will be android/iphone portable, so the main client will be useable on your phone too.
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