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Problem Details:
Whenever I have to exit osu! in any way other that through the game itself, the next time I try to play it reloads ever single one of my beatmaps (which means I can't play). I usually wait for it to finish, but it happens so often now (usually because it stops registering any of my inputs) and it takes so long (I have 2870 folders in the "songs" folder) it's becoming really annoying now.
If there is any way to stop this from happening, or to let me play while it's going on in the background, please let me know. I do want to keep playing.
I should also probably mention that this only happens at college, where i run osu! off my memory-stick
(It recently just happened for nor reason, so far as i can tell)

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20171106.5 (latest)
It can take time! But if you really think you waited for too long: close osu!. Move your osu!.db file out of you osu! main folder and start osu! again. After that, it will process again - and don't wait longer than 15-20 minutes. In case you wait for too long again, contact us again here
So you're using a memory stick...is it that USB type thing..well where do you use it on..i mean is it your own computer/laptop?..if it is simply just copy everything to your computer/laptop and if its not..i think its normal for osu and your computer/laptop to rescan everything on that memory stick again unless you have all of the beatmaps installed physically on the hard drive,then you don't have to reload everything..
I'm using it to play osu! at college, and I unfortunately cannot move the files onto the computer, as we are limited to 500MB MAX on our drives.
I feel like moving the osu! databse files out of the osu! folder will not fix it, as it will need to rebuild all of the beatmap data and data transfer from a USB is slow, I believe.
Bump, because it just happened again with no explanation - and i exited normally, via the in-game exit option
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