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I know I request quite a lot things but I'm full of ideas I want to tell people from

Each mode has something to map for longer sounds. Except osu!taiko.

The osu!standard and osu!catch mode have sliders which are really nice already, while osu!mania has long notes..but osu!taiko has nothing. Well, you can use yellow sliders and/or spinners too, but you have to stream the sliders to the beat and in spinners you spam all of your keys like crazy. That doesn't fit well to longer sounds. For non-taiko players: at the moment it's like putting two circles in osu!standard mapping instead of a slider. I don't want them to use them as often as standard mappers do but it would be a great start to have them.

Having this would be good to map more genres of songs, at the moment there are a lot of fast songs, songs you don't need such a note that much but there are exceptions aswell.

I thought something like sliders too, but in blue and red, and as soon as they appear you need to hold both keys of them, like hitting a big note - the difference is just to hold them till the end of the slider.

It's not needed that much, in all that time we got it without it too. anyways, it's just one of my ideas I had in my mind. :Di know my english is horrible actually
when you hit a drum you can't exactly... hold the note on the drum. you hit it once and it stops.

because taiko's gameplay is derived from this concept, hold notes don't make much sense.

yellow notes feel fine and fulfill their goal well enough already! they just take a bit more skill in this case :>
woah, that's a good point I didn't think of. you're right with that
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