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As everyone already knows, we need a new SR algorithm and, by the looks of it, it's not going to happen anytime soon. I'm tired of this pp map orgy that's progressively getting worse, soon everyone will be able to get to 10k pp farming only 7-8* ~175bpm 1/6 1/8 pp maps, and that's just disgusting. The maps slowly push the boundaries of what's acceptable and I'm sure we'll start seeing more 8* farm maps in the near future. And this is not only because the SR system is awfully broken, it's also because the community keeps feeding itself on an endless cycle. People want to farm maps and easy progression, pp maps are made, since the BNs don't care they get qualified. Those maps get played a lot because they provide easy pp, mappers get encouraged and make more of the maps, and so it goes on.

I'd suggest that the BNs would stop accepting as many pp maps as they do. Most of them are basically similar patterns with different music. I'm not saying that all the pp maps are bad or not rhythmically accurate, I'm just saying that we're letting through too many of them and that they could be mapped differently and still be rhythmically accurate. I'm only focusing the attention to BNs here because asking all the players to stop playing pp maps and all the mapper to stop making them is just absurd. I think we'd have many funnier maps to play with more varied styles if we'd stop focusing on ranking pp maps alone. Filtering some of these maps could be done in many different ways: Reducing the amount of pp maps qualified every month or "If less than 1% of the objects account for more than X% of the SR for a map, the offending 1% of notes must be remapped for rank" It doesn't even need to be a formula that can be applied to every map.

We just need common sense to not let as many pp maps get ranked as they are getting right now. It doesn't feel fun to play the same cookie-cutter maps with different music playing on the background. We're getting boring and stale.
realistically you can't have BN's not-bubble, not-qualify, pop-bubble, or de-qualify a map unless it has something in it that is un-rankable. If you really want to "end" PP maps being ranked we need to find a way to change the rulesets for mapping criteria to make certain things unrankable.

So you can't ask for BN's to simply follow an "unwritten" rule. It would just cause mappers to complain when BN's refused to bubble their map or even worse popped a bubble because a rule that would seem "made-up" from the mappers stand-point.

So if we want to make a change we should push for a change in the ranking criteria or even better yet, the SR formula which both I don't think are really on Peppy's agenda atm.
It doesn't have to do with bubbling and not bubbling pp maps, what's wrong is how they're picked while there are hundreds of good non pp maps out there and 90% of the maps that get ranked are easy pp. I'm sure there are many more maps that can get ranked but they don't because pp maps are more important and people play them more.

I don't see any problem with making a rule that benefits the community as a whole. All rules were made-up at some point and it's normal for people to bitch about them. If we don't do anything by ourselves nobody else will, Taiko is such a worthless gamemode for them that they'll probably remember we exist in ten years. We're slowly going downhill and I think it's time to stop. A lot of recent maps are just pp patterns copy pasted into a new track, I'm not saying that they should stop existing, I just want them to stop occupying the whole qualified list. This is only a temporary solution while we wait for the SR changes which aren't happening anytime soon. Because if we don't try to stop it, it's going to get much worse.
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