Porno Graffitti - Mellisa(FMA Opening Size)

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I had free time today and I am amazed by how easier it is the second time once you get the hang of the editor.

Here is Full Metal Alchemist's first opening, Mellisa, sung by Porno Graffitti:

Edit: Now includes an easy version of the song.
Hitoshirenu Shourai
Very nicely done! Now we need an easy version from you. Or well, maybe 3.5 stars is fine. Let's see what the others say.
I think it's fine by itself! If you feel like it, make an easy and hard version to attract a higher playcount :D

I'll wait for some further feedback before ranking.
:evil: I was working on this!...

Never mind, I didn't like mine that much anyway. I'll check yours out later. Anyway, it never hurts to have multiple beatmaps per song :D

The timing wasn't "wrong", since everything works out nicely, but it would be nice if you didn't use half time with the beats on the off beat. However, the settings I would use are:
BPM: 170
Offset: ~1645
Slider Velocity: 1.15 (you can manually input this in the osu file)
Slider Tick Rate: 2

The end result looks exactly the same as your one. You can take a look at my attached osu file if you want.

Download: Porno Graffitti - Mellisa (TV Size) (SixtySevenFrogs) [Normal].osu
Go with eyup's advice, the more difficulties you make. More people will play it. If you can get an easy / hard version. It would be perfect.
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I have uploaded an easy version of the song into the package now as well. If you already have the song though, here is the file:

Download: Porno Graffitti - Mellisa (TV Size) (SixtySevenFrogs) [Easy].osu
I was thinking hmm.. I know this song from somewhere. Then I realised it was in band brothers and its an awesome song :D. I like this beatmap too. I found the easy version to be pretty average difficulty (not THAT much easier than hard) but can't really be bothered doing anythign about that atm :). Ranked!
The song should probably be renamed to "Melissa", I couldn't find it because it was spelt wrong.
Hes right, the song is spelt wrong, i believe so anyways
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
I thought this is porn so i downloaded it

Good beatmap at all
no one think some beat isnt on a beat?
ok...thats my problem :D
wrong reply sry
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