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I can't believe I have been playing osu! for two years now. I don't normally post to forums since I am an anti-social person who doesn't like to get to involved with anything but here I am anyway.
My names Payton. I'm 17, Male, and still don't know what I am gonna do for the rest of my life, but I'm chill with it. I'm from the good ol' U.S.A., so, 'go 'murica!' or something like that. That's pretty much it. If ya'll wanna know more about me just ask. I hope ya'll are all having a good day/night depending on where you live. :)
Welcome to the forum!

Good luck irl, and don't forget to enjoy the game
Welcome to the forums better late than nothing (like Ryoid said that)
You’re not the only taciturn person. It’s not easy to talk with others irl but it’s good to try.

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