osu!taiko Malaysian Cup: Chart Battle [END]

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I'm joining! ;) First contestant I suppose? Well, good luck to anyone that's gonna participate it and have fun!
I, Kaede is joining this~! :):)
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*Changed the rules for the Advanced Category participation requirement:

The Advanced Category is now open to ALL players regardless of rank with a registration period of at least 2 months.
So if you're below #3000 rank but you feel that you're up for the challenge of the Advanced Category, you may participate in it!

The beginner's category is still only open for rank #3000 and below though.
joining.... :D
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Made a voiced tutorial video on the participation process and the ruleset for this tourney in case anyone has trouble understanding the wall of text.

Oh and also, the Bahasa Malaysia translation is up!
Opportunity to get good at taiko 🤔
semua peserta gambateh! :):)
Best of luck to all of the participants!
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Round 1 has begun!

You may find the mappool in the second post.
Good luck and remember score submissions will close at 24th November, 11:59pm!

Also please don't forget to read the rules very carefully before participating!
seems fun xd
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Round 1 has ended!

Thanks a lot for those who participated, here are the winners for Week 1:

Beginners Category

First Place: <strong>walaowey</strong>
Total score: 4,945,642

Second Place: <strong>Bedwyr Aorta</strong>
Total score: 4,673,722
Advanced Category

First Place: <strong>Xeltic Rival</strong>
Total score: 5,240,869

Second Place: <strong>Cryolien</strong>
Total score: 5,013,966

The 4 players listed above are now qualified for the Final Match at the end of Week 3 and shall not be allowed to participate in the next two rounds.

#1 players of each category will receive 1-month supporter tags!

Round 2 will begin on 26/11/2017!
Bedwyr Aorta

Will the maps for the final match of the beginner category have star ratings close to 4?
I'm not Jerry but the maps used in the beginner category probably won't exceed 3.5* even in the final match
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Round 2 has begun!

You may find the mappool in the second post.
Good luck and remember score submissions will close at 1st December, 11:59pm!

*Several changes to rules from this round onwards:
- The Mappool for the Beginners Category no longer require mods.
- Difficulty of Beginners Category has been reduced! (by alot)

Good luck!
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Hi there~

Due to the severe lack of participants in this round (as well as the previous), we have decided to cancel Week 3 of this tournament and move on straight to the Final Match next week with the current list of qualified players.
I apologize for this abrupt change in the schedule but there's just not enough reception to keep this going for another week.

As for the qualified players, the final match will still be held as scheduled next week Saturday (9th December). The time will be announced soon.

Here are the current list of qualified players for both categories:
Beginners Category:
1. walaowey
2. Bedwyr Aorta
3. Nupture123

Advanced Category:
1. Xeltic Rival
2. Cryolien

Nupture123 gets a supporter tag for this week for being the only participant in the Beginners Category, congratulations!

You can view the full results for Week 1 & Week 2 here!: https://goo.gl/X5oDV1
Xeltic Rival
I'm free on 9th and 10th December, at all times :)
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The tournament has ended!

Congratulations to Xeltic Rival (Advanced Category) and walaowey (Beginners Category) for winning first place!

Also, thank you to everyone who took the time to participate, it has been fun!

Here are the full finals results sheet for those that are interested: https://goo.gl/Q1bpLB
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