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I got a Huion H420 pen and tablet around 5 months ago when I started playing osu, and recently I had problems with the pen registering too many clicks, and before that, when I tapped on a slider circle and moved the pen, it would lag a bit from the point where I touch the tablet to when I start moving, so I sliderbroke most of the time, so I had to learn to tap to slide, but it's become kind of frustrating. Anyways, back to the point, does anyone have any recommendations, preferably under $100, that don't lag when you tap and drag for sliders? Also, the Huion H420 software is pretty bad, so I'm not able to set a specific tablet area, so also preferably good software where you can set specific values for the tablet area.

Thanks, I'll check replies in the morning!
The Huion H420 does have the option to change the active area in its drivers. It should be under advanced settings if you have the correct driver installed.

The issue you described with the pen lagging after tapping is a common issue with Windows Ink. You can read about how to disable it on this thread: https://osu.ppy.sh/community/forums/topics/590367
I would also recommend disabling "Support TabletPC" if you have not done that.

If you still want a different tablet, there is a nice wiki guide here, although it is a bit dated and you might have a hard time finding those tablets because they are no longer produced.
I tried everything you linked and the slider lag is completely gone, it helped very much! I tried disabling Support TabletPC but that made it worse, for some reason it works better for me if it's on. The only problem I have now is that whenever there's a hitcircle on the end of the slider that you hit right after, it presses it right after I stop sliding. Other than that it's all good, thanks for the help!
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