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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Sunday, December 10, 2017 at 2:40:58 AM

Artist: TJ PA5CON
Title: Let's Go
Tags: Dubstep astral records pascon akitoshi corinn deppyforce
BPM: 72.5
Filesize: 1899kb
Play Time: 01:06
Difficulties Available:
  1. Advanced (2.38 stars, 101 notes)
  2. Akitoshi's Insane (4.31 stars, 235 notes)
  3. Blindness (5.81 stars, 264 notes)
  4. Deppy's Normal (1.75 stars, 78 notes)
  5. Extra (5.02 stars, 237 notes)
  6. Hard (3.22 stars, 148 notes)

Download: TJ PA5CON - Let's Go
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
the bpm is a lie
IRC mod:

21:25 Chewin: well w/e let's irc your diff
21:25 *Chewin is editing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1473813 TJ PA5CON - Let's Go [Advanced]]
21:25 DeRandom Otaku: chewin wait
21:25 DeRandom Otaku: http://puu.sh/yCSgG/99c2de67d1.png
21:25 DeRandom Otaku: loki is actually thaehan, they are the same guy
21:25 DeRandom Otaku: lol
21:26 Chewin: 00:41:411 (5) - I would have expected to click the last tick, maybe reduce it till the red tick and make that one clickable? so it has the same lenght of 00:39:756 (1) - how I would have expected
21:26 Chewin: W/E FK THAT GUY AHAH
21:26 DeRandom Otaku: wow rude
21:26 Chewin: if you apply that one ^ you should do the same for all next for consistency
21:26 Chewin: up to you
21:27 DeRandom Otaku: uh tbh thats a niice idea but i will keep it this way, don't wanna make it too dense for spread purposes
21:27 Chewin: ok, but I honestly thought it was gonna to finish earlier xD
21:28 DeRandom Otaku: i would have actually done it that way if density didnt matter
21:28 Chewin: btw 00:50:928 (5) - the stronger pitch is at 00:51:066 - so I would place a circle at 928 so you can make a slider on the higher pitch tick
21:28 Chewin: (these are just suggestions, not big stuff)
21:29 DeRandom Otaku: i didnt do 2 circles of 1/6 rhythm in a row. The part here is relatively calm ,doing that here will ruin the whole emphasis and contrast thing
21:29 DeRandom Otaku: or if you have any suggestion, you can tell me that
21:30 Chewin: yes you could do 00:50:790 (4,5) - these two into a slider to make it much more easiest so that the tick at00:51:066 - would be clickable with an other slider
21:30 Chewin: https://puu.sh/yCStl.png
21:31 DeRandom Otaku: alright sure i can do that
21:31 Chewin: 00:59:618 (1) - would make it straight, that curve is weird xD would be consistent with 00:46:376 (1) - as well
21:32 DeRandom Otaku: i prefer curve :<
21:32 Chewin: ok
21:32 Chewin: 01:05:825 (2,3) - swap their position? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
21:33 Chewin: i know 01:05:825 (2) - is readable but it would be more appropriated for this kind of diff
21:33 Chewin: checking hard diff now
21:33 DeRandom Otaku: i did slider thing here too 01:04:169 -
21:33 Chewin: ah it's copied then, k nvm
21:34 DeRandom Otaku: and also fixde the repositioning thing
21:34 Chewin: (nazi) 00:24:859 (3,4) - is this perfectly aligned? kinda tilted me XD
21:35 DeRandom Otaku: moved by 2 pixels
21:35 DeRandom Otaku: acually 3
21:35 Chewin: ahahaha
21:35 Chewin: thanks XD
21:35 Chewin: 00:25:687 (4,5,6,7,1) - btw very nice pattern flow
21:36 DeRandom Otaku: o thanks
21:37 Chewin: 00:41:411 (1,2) - if I was you I would have switched these NC, if you agree you should do it for all next
21:37 Chewin: (because of instrumental instead to emphasize the actual (1) with normal sampleset)
21:37 Chewin: much more logical
21:38 DeRandom Otaku: i would keep the consistency of NCing on white ticks
21:38 Chewin: I know, but try it
21:38 Chewin: it's really more natural actually
21:38 DeRandom Otaku: also 00:41:411 (1) - is where the next wub stanza starts, its kinda hard to tell because of the loud kick
21:39 DeRandom Otaku: uh i tried but it doesnt really go well according to my liking
21:39 Chewin: well as you wish, i think on 00:41:549 (2) - is much more better because of the other instrumental instead xp
21:39 Chewin: okay
21:40 Chewin: 01:06:238 (3) - would place it at x:480 y:64
21:40 Chewin: on the same direction of last01:05:825 (2) - tick
21:40 Chewin: just like you did for 01:05:411 (1,2) -
21:40 Chewin: it's connected better
21:40 Chewin: overall perfect and clean map lol
21:41 DeRandom Otaku: sure did
21:41 DeRandom Otaku: thanks u
21:42 Chewin: is akitoshi online?
21:42 DeRandom Otaku: its like 5 AM for him
21:43 Chewin: welp
21:43 DeRandom Otaku: i am actually permitted to mess with his diff so you can just tell me
21:43 Chewin: 00:16:376 (5,6,1) - whi this triple <_<
21:43 Chewin: why*
21:43 Chewin: only one in the whole section, it's unconsistent
21:43 Chewin: also I noticed you are missing clap at 00:19:480 - on all diffs
21:44 Chewin: not clap, I mean normal hitsound
21:44 DeRandom Otaku: ok i fixed both
21:46 Chewin: 00:48:032 (1) - better cursor movement if placed at 320 192
21:47 Chewin: since the jump is already emphasize, just emphasize it in the best way
21:47 Chewin: it comes more natural in that place
21:47 DeRandom Otaku: ok i agree
21:49 Chewin: 00:54:652 (1) - better if stacked with00:54:169 (2,3) - imo
21:49 DeRandom Otaku: right
21:50 Chewin: k going on extra
21:50 DeRandom Otaku: ok
21:52 Chewin: 00:36:445 (1) - add a tick please
21:53 Chewin: to fill all the sounds and also because the end of the slider would be on the same direction of next one as it should be
21:53 Chewin: if you do it, do the same for 00:37:273 (2) -
21:53 DeRandom Otaku: oh yea thats intenional. Theres a story behind this
21:53 Chewin: what story
21:53 Chewin: XD
21:54 DeRandom Otaku: These sliders can be really tough to play, the one missing repeat is to ensure that theres enough recovery time
21:54 DeRandom Otaku: theres even a guideline about it in ranking critera
21:54 DeRandom Otaku: and one of the maps i qualified recently got DQ'd because of this reason
21:55 Chewin: oh shit
21:56 Chewin: nvm then
21:56 DeRandom Otaku: xd
21:58 Chewin: 00:51:963 (4,5,1) - would reduce the spacing a little
21:58 Chewin: I mean between 00:51:756 (3,4) -
21:59 Chewin: since the stack pushes it further
21:59 DeRandom Otaku: oh alright
21:59 DeRandom Otaku: fixed
22:00 Chewin: it was even aestetically bad to se ehonestly
22:01 Chewin: btw I spent most of the time on these 00:45:549 (1) - 00:58:790 (1) -
22:01 DeRandom Otaku: ree
22:01 Chewin: shouldn't it be snapped at 1/16?
22:01 DeRandom Otaku: uh
22:01 DeRandom Otaku: wait what why 1/16
22:01 Chewin: because the sound is at grey tick
22:01 Chewin: 01:00:445 (1) - same for this
22:02 Chewin: and i guess for all others
22:02 Chewin: mhh....
22:02 Chewin: not sure about this honestly
22:02 Chewin: but i think it's 1/6
22:02 Chewin: 1/16
22:02 DeRandom Otaku: the sound is clearly on purple tick
22:03 Chewin: i i should go to the ear doctor maybe then
22:03 DeRandom Otaku: its similar to every other sound, like 00:41:963 - 00:42:514 - 00:42:928 - etc
22:03 DeRandom Otaku: same
22:03 Chewin: but if it's get DQ i guess you will go to him
22:03 DeRandom Otaku: ok deal!
22:03 DeRandom Otaku: and what if it doesnt get DQ'd :eyes:
22:03 Chewin: 01:05:307 (5,1) - reduce this spacing too if you did for the first
22:03 Chewin: btw nice map, a bit hard xP
22:04 Chewin: well let's check the last one
22:04 Chewin: 00:14:928 (1) - move it a bit below it's covered by hp bar a little
22:06 DeRandom Otaku: fixed fixed
22:06 Chewin: 00:27:445 (5) - you know that I would have expected on the top diff to have this sliders reduced on the previous tick so that the tick at 00:27:756 - would have been click able?
22:06 Chewin: I wanted to say it in the extra diff but at the end I thought "well, maybe he did it for the top diff"
22:07 Chewin: pls do it
22:07 Chewin: it's more awesome
22:07 Chewin: :D
22:07 DeRandom Otaku: eh well thats probably the way i wanted to execute it
22:07 DeRandom Otaku: i can still do it
22:07 DeRandom Otaku: ok sure then
22:07 Chewin: yea but you should do it for all sliders on this section
22:07 Chewin: I think it emphasize the section much more better
22:07 DeRandom Otaku: yep, on it
22:07 Chewin: just like you did for 00:26:514 (1,2) -
22:08 Chewin: 10/10
22:08 Chewin: do not forget to add custom hitnormal
22:08 Chewin: ops, hitnormal sampleset*
22:08 DeRandom Otaku: yes
22:08 DeRandom Otaku: 00:30:756 (5) - can i kep this for symmetry
22:09 DeRandom Otaku: with 00:31:480 (1) -
22:09 Chewin: i would it for all for consistency tbh
22:09 Chewin: that would be weird imo lel
22:11 Chewin: 00:45:963 (3) - this is 1/6 to me this time XD 100% sure
22:11 Chewin: well i noticed it on top diff, if you agree, apply it to extra diff as well
22:11 Chewin: (and if yes, on next kiai as well on both diff)
22:11 DeRandom Otaku: this was 1/6 earlier
22:11 DeRandom Otaku: and then a wave of modders came
22:11 DeRandom Otaku: telling me to follow drums that are on 1/8
22:11 DeRandom Otaku: i was overwheled
22:12 DeRandom Otaku: so i did what they said
22:12 Chewin: allright there is drum there as well
22:12 Chewin: you can keep then
22:12 Chewin: i would have prefered 1/6 tho xP
22:12 DeRandom Otaku: yep. people kept saying to emphasize drums lol
22:12 Chewin: but it looks like it's good on both ways
22:12 DeRandom Otaku: i prefer both 50/50
22:13 Chewin: ye xD
22:13 Chewin: btw idk but
22:13 Chewin: 00:51:756 (3,4) - this jump
22:14 Chewin: is too exagerated considering that between these 2 00:52:169 (1,2) - you are using a smaller spacing when they are snapped further on the timeline..
22:14 DeRandom Otaku: you can just abuse slider leniancy andhit it with ease lol
22:14 DeRandom Otaku: i mean, its the top diff after all
22:14 DeRandom Otaku: :^)
22:14 Chewin: maybe it's just me that prefer logical spacing :'(
22:15 Chewin: but tbh you could fix it easily by ctrl + g this 00:52:583 (2) -
22:15 Chewin: if you like do it, or just keep, even if I prefer the difference
22:15 DeRandom Otaku: alright ctrl-g'd it
22:15 Chewin: cool
22:16 Chewin: 00:53:825 (1,2,3) - this is very cool, but shouldn't it be consistant with 00:40:583 (1,2,3,4) -
22:16 Chewin: ?
22:16 Chewin: since you made both kiai consistent on all parts
22:16 Chewin: in rhythm
22:17 DeRandom Otaku: its pretty much the same thing lol
22:17 Chewin: btw just a tip about that discussion on slider snap, if you want to emphasize drum why don't you add a circle on 00:46:273 - as well with drum hitsound? it's nicer without break (because with 1/6 there shouldn't have been the break)
22:18 Chewin: if you like the idea, do it at 00:59:514 - as well
22:18 DeRandom Otaku: i have already explained that to modders before
22:18 DeRandom Otaku: but the thing is
22:18 DeRandom Otaku: i don't wanna do 1/4 circles in a 1/6 section
22:18 Chewin: you are killing me with this map rhythm ahah
22:18 DeRandom Otaku: it makes it kinda awkward to play xd
22:19 Chewin: it's not 1/4, it's 1/8 if you add the circle
22:19 DeRandom Otaku: you have no idea
22:19 Chewin: to fill the drum
22:19 DeRandom Otaku: i have mapped 4 minute kpop sets and the rhythm simplifications i have done there might make u commit sucide :^)
22:19 DeRandom Otaku: but they all got ranked just fine
22:19 DeRandom Otaku: i mean 1/8. same meaning lol
22:19 Chewin: btw map is awesome but 01:00:445 (1,2) - what is this unconfortable pattern to play due to that slider shape? it should be curved on the opposite way, the jump is pretty bad to play trust me that I am a player :\ HIGHLY suggest you to change it
22:20 DeRandom Otaku: ok changed the pattern
22:20 Chewin: thanks <3
22:20 Chewin: nothing more to say
22:20 DeRandom Otaku: <3
22:20 DeRandom Otaku: ok should i update
22:20 Chewin: yes
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