Nanahira - Monosugoi Satori Gear de Reimu ga Monosugoi Uta [

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 26 Temmuz 2018 Perşembe at 21:13:13

Artist: Nanahira
Title: Monosugoi Satori Gear de Reimu ga Monosugoi Uta
Source: 東方地霊殿 ~ Subterranean Animism.
Tags: Chireiden Touhou 東方Project TH11 ハートフェルトファンシー Heartfelt Fancy 少女さとり ~ 3rd eye Satori Maiden Stage 4 Boss Komeiji 古明地 さとり ZUN Team Shanghai Alice 上海アリス幻樂団 Halozy Grand Slam HLZY-0026 くまりす Kumarisu sumijun すみじゅん Comiket 91 C91
BPM: 185
Filesize: 14731kb
Play Time: 06:16
Difficulties Available:
  1. Frightful Satori Gear (6,05 stars, 2418 notes)

Download: Nanahira - Monosugoi Satori Gear de Reimu ga Monosugoi Uta
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

What kind of witch cursed me to map Nanahira over and over? Whatever, that's the first SV stuff I've ever tried. Some of the SV gimmicks were inspired from Kin's Bassdrop. Enjoy!

Frightful Satori Gear: Finished, open for mods!

Thanks Draftnell for diffname reference and showing me this song, also thanks Greenshell for checking entire metadata! Please get promoted to metadata QAT already. ;w;
12:47 zigizigiefe: boi
12:47 Greenshell: gurl
12:47 zigizigiefe: can you test this unfinished shit
12:47 *zigizigiefe is editing [ Nanahira - Monosugoi Satori Gear de Reimu ga Monosugoi Uta [Frightful Satori Gear]]
12:47 zigizigiefe: used sv changes but idk if they're too harsh
12:47 zigizigiefe: wait
12:48 zigizigiefe: ye updated
12:52 Greenshell: sv looks fine
12:53 Greenshell: first 1/6 caught me off-guard but I wasn't paying attention
12:53 zigizigiefe: LOL
12:53 Greenshell: the second one was predictable due to the nature of the song
12:53 zigizigiefe: i tried to make sv changes reflect the song
12:53 Greenshell: I saw that
12:53 Greenshell: looks pretty good on the finishers
12:54 zigizigiefe: what do you think about triple ninja notes coming consecutively
12:55 Greenshell: they're :ok_hand:
12:56 zigizigiefe: moar loli
12:56 Greenshell: choruses could have slightly more variation tho, they look completely the same
12:56 zigizigiefe: same drum attacks ;w;
12:57 zigizigiefe: ye i could follow the vocal more for there
12:57 Greenshell: true, but the way you're improvising everything could be enhanced
12:57 zigizigiefe: true
12:57 Greenshell: but apart from that it's actually p good
12:58 Greenshell: better than your koishi map honestly
12:58 zigizigiefe: my koishit has much dkd tbh
12:58 zigizigiefe: which is my favorite pattern
12:58 Greenshell: that stuff was cool
12:59 Greenshell: but I didn't really like how you completely skipped over the eurobeat
13:00 zigizigiefe: i mapped deja vu cut version but it was like a shit
13:00 Greenshell: 03:30:369 (196) - you could move this note to 03:30:531 - tbh
13:01 Greenshell: ddkdd ddd doesn't feel nice
13:01 zigizigiefe: you're right
13:01 Greenshell: kds pls thx :^)
13:01 zigizigiefe: idk why i luv to emphasize offbeats everytime :V
13:01 Greenshell: das a good thing tbh
13:02 zigizigiefe: chorus had 1.4x SV before midnaait tested it
13:02 Greenshell: lol are you sadistic
13:03 zigizigiefe: btw 02:42:937 - when it has 1.1x SV, its getting 1,15x over 02:48:126 -
13:03 zigizigiefe: i think density is getting higher a bit
13:03 Greenshell: 03:55:504 (64,1) - maybe ctrl+g these to emphasize the crash and vocals?
13:03 zigizigiefe: i was thinking about that but it should look consistent with 03:50:396 -
13:04 Greenshell: these are different sounds
13:04 Greenshell: and the crash is higher-pitched
13:04 zigizigiefe: dat stream reminds me of the part from the deceit/the violation that people call "meow part"
13:05 zigizigiefe: if i didn't emphasize the vocal
13:05 zigizigiefe: idk, it should be kept as don imo
13:05 Greenshell: idk only kat sounds pretty weird
13:06 Greenshell: alternatively i think changing 03:55:423 (63) - to d works too
13:06 Greenshell: in terms of emphasis
13:06 Greenshell: tho i don't think you wanna use offbeats for that stream
13:06 zigizigiefe: yeah
13:10 Greenshell: 04:04:179 (87) - maybe d? flows better with the improvisation of vocals and drums
13:11 zigizigiefe: fixed
13:11 Greenshell: same for the other chorus too i guess
13:11 Greenshell: nvm there's no such pattern
13:12 Greenshell: i gotta say this sounds so completely different than the usual stuff nanahira's doing
13:12 zigizigiefe: didn't use kat for other chorus, so it was inconsistent
13:12 zigizigiefe: yeah
13:12 zigizigiefe: more like gangsta lul
13:12 Greenshell: my boner is confused
13:13 zigizigiefe: :v
13:14 Greenshell: 01:09:126 (103,104) - for this and the other wub maybe ctrl+g? i had an odd feeling about how this sounded during the testplay already
13:14 Greenshell: tho i see it is probably supposed to be abekobe, just like the sv finishers
13:14 Greenshell: so that works too#
13:15 Greenshell: which could than also be ddk kkd
13:15 zigizigiefe: it was inverted version of 01:08:720 (99,100,101) - tbh
13:15 zigizigiefe: also easier to hit
13:15 Greenshell: yeah I saw that
13:15 Greenshell: tho in that case you could swap the triplets
13:16 Greenshell: kdk dkd sounds more intuitive tbh
13:17 zigizigiefe: tru
13:18 Greenshell: 01:45:206 (371,372,373,374,375,376,377) - i like how this is improvised with the high pitched earrape noise
13:19 Greenshell: 01:47:477 - lower volume for this spinner?
13:20 zigizigiefe: i'll check volume stuff later
13:20 zigizigiefe: idk how irc mods will be posted in modding v2
13:20 Greenshell: >v2
13:20 Greenshell: reeeeee
13:21 zigizigiefe: dem
13:21 Greenshell: if you still want v1 find the thread and post the link in the desc so people can actually do modding v1
13:21 zigizigiefe: i know but idk if it's acceptable
13:21 Greenshell: should be
13:21 zigizigiefe: i feel like v2 is mandatory now
13:22 Greenshell: it's automatically there but the whole v1 system still works
13:22 Greenshell: and I believe bn's would still cooperate with that
13:22 zigizigiefe: yay
13:23 Greenshell: I'll do this with future maps for sure
13:23 Greenshell: cuz I'm not a fan of v2 at all tbh
13:23 zigizigiefe: same
13:23 zigizigiefe: see desc.
13:25 Greenshell: aight
13:25 Greenshell: shall I post dem log then? :^
13:27 zigizigiefe: ye

also don't forget to credit me for metadata /runs

good stuff and good luck (might return for a full mod when it's finished)
Hi efe o/ sorry i use v1 mod, i don't know how v2 mod works
if this is not allowed, you don't have to give me kds, this would be your free mod^^

set the bg to //Background and Video events
0,0,"sonraki mapim metal olacak soz.png",30,115

it would be better to see the girl

look at aimod! many unsnapped notes.

[Frightful Satori Gear]

00:00:775 - for the first spinner, volume should be reduced. set volume sound to 15%/20%
00:01:099 - add greenline with 30%/40%
00:01:423 - ^ 45%/60%
00:01:747 - ^ 60%/80%
00:02:072 - ^ 80%/90%

(say it a/b, if you apply 15% you should change a volume, and vice versa)

00:03:693 - better to change this to don? sounds different with (8) i mean, this has lower pitch

00:06:288 - 00:11:477 - 00:16:666 - 00:21:856 - ^

01:02:639 (64,65) - may be better to swap these for better flow to drum

01:03:288 - this looks not good for dim sound, better to remove this and fix the sv changes

01:03:896 - i don't know why but this note is overlapping, also for the first try it's unreadable in these sv changes. try to make smoother here

01:03:045 - from here to 01:04:342 - this should be 70%/80% on volume and then 01:04:991 - should be 80%/90%

01:28:180 (242,243,244,245,246) - this would be better as ddk k d to follow the vocal and drum

01:30:126 - change to k to fit the vocal?

01:40:504 - same ^

01:44:072 (364,365,366,367) - better to swap these. i mean like d kkk. the vocal pitch for the triplet is high

01:45:207 - wtf these 1/3 notes, doesn't make sense. please change to slider/spinner and keep the big don

01:47:477 - maybe need transition volume? like this should have 40%/50%, and increase 10% volume in each 1/1 snap

03:48:450 - wtf these notes and sv changes doesn't make sense. not following the music/vocal completely. better to change to slider/spinner

03:55:342 - there's no factor that support these sv changes, better to remove this and change 03:50:234 - to 1.05x and 03:50:396 - to 1.15x

05:22:747 - as i mentioned above

01:04:991 - make harder on this last kiai, this should be harder for climax like adding some notes to be 5plet(?)

05:34:829 - same ^

05:49:585 - same as 01:30:126

05:03:531 (364,365,366,367) - same as 01:44:072

06:04:666 - same as 01:45:207 - really doesn't make any sense

06:05:315 - start from here, put 80%/90% on volume, then decrease it 10% in each 4/1 snap (the next is 06:06:612 - and etc.)
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