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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Monday, November 06, 2017 at 7:57:24 PM

Artist: Keisuke Ito, Yasuhiro Kawagoe, Noriko Murakami
Title: Atsui yo ......
Source: ポケモン超不思議のダンジョン
Tags: pokemon pokémon super mystery dungeon so hot pocket monsters nintendo the company game freak 3ds
BPM: 76
Filesize: 814kb
Play Time: 00:31
Difficulties Available:
  1. beginner (0.86 stars, 18 notes)
  2. it's so hot... (1.55 stars, 36 notes)

Download: Keisuke Ito, Yasuhiro Kawagoe, Noriko Murakami - Atsui yo ......
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

was it you? was it you who has summoned me?
you have some nerve...even if you have no chance against me.

come, child...i'll give you a taste.
come and learn...what true fear tastes like!

correct bpm is 76, this song is calm and slower paced
00:00:418 - unrankable to silence hitobjects like this. I know that the song is already quiet so you might still be able to hear this but putting a hit volume at 5% counts as "silencing" so can you put this to at least 10%

its so hot:
00:00:418 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) - 00:16:207 (1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4) - i really have no problem with how you made these patterns but you need to vary the rhythm around here somehow, right now the entire map consists of 1/1 sliders xd

00:08:312 (2) - why did you rotate this xp wouldnt it just look better if it were a 180 degree rotation of 00:06:733 (1) -
00:13:049 (3) - nc missing

since this is literally 2 30-second easy diffs i dont rly mind bubbling lmao. shoot 12 stars and fix everything i said, then call back :D
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