Christmas☆Queue 2017 (Modder's call!)

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Hello cuties! Gabe here to introduce you this year's Christmas modding queue!

Welcome to the Christmas☆Queue 2017!
a seasonal modding queue for maps related to Christmas, Winter or New Year
2011 - 2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016

Status: Open for business HERE!

Once again this year, the Beatmap Nominator group is bringing back the best modding queue around for its seventh year of operation, a tradition that continues to spread the joy and wonders of the winter. Like before, in order to make this a great success again, the Christmas Queue is in need of motivated individuals to help push things forward.

Here are the informations and the rules when the modding queue officially opens:


  1. This is a temporary modding queue that will be closed after New Year (January 1st, 2018).
  2. We plan to start qualifying maps at the beginning of December. It is up to every Nominators.
  3. The mapset must be finished and follows the ranking guidelines/rules.
  4. Like before, if we get enough maps here, I will try to set up a map pack for all these maps in the end.


  1. The map posted must relate to Christmas, Winter, or the New Year.
  2. The request is made before the New Year (the queue will close then).
  3. You have participated in the creation of the map.
  4. You have not requested modding in this queue before (this implies that you can only make 1 request).
  5. If your request was invalid, you can make a new one.
  6. You are using a Christmas avatar! (we will be too!)

Modding Team

We are looking for modders across all game modes to help out with the effort. If you are interested, please send me a private message through either the forums or in-game! You do not need to be part of the Beatmap Nomination group to join the modding queue! Also, if you have any questions, feel free to leave it below and I will try to answer to the best of my ability.

  1. celerih
  2. Chewin
  3. Gero
  4. Kibbleru
  5. Mir
  6. Natsu
  7. Naotoshi
  8. Regraz
  9. sheela
  10. Sinnoh
  11. squirrelpascals
  12. Wafu
  13. _DT3
  14. -M4x
  15. appleeaterx
  16. Atsuro
  17. Blizs
  18. Bubblun
  19. ByBy
  20. Bz EsKa
  21. Chalwa
  22. CSLM
  23. Endaris
  24. Error-
  25. FruityEnLoops
  26. Fursum
  27. Gabe
  28. h4d0uk3n1
  29. Imakuri
  30. JeirYagtama
  31. LMT
  32. M a r v o l l o
  33. mancuso_JM_
  34. Minorsonek
  35. My Angel Kanan
  36. Noffy
  37. Pachiru
  38. pinataman
  39. Rakuen
  40. Skylish
  41. UndeadCapulet
  42. Underforest
  43. Venix
  44. Weber
  45. Yuii-

  1. Gabe
  2. Skylish
  3. Stefan
  4. Taikocracy
  5. xfraczynho
  6. Aloda
  7. Cocoaaa
  8. davidminh0111
  9. Endaris
  10. Faputa
  11. gaston_2199
  12. mancuso_JM_
  13. Nifty
  14. Poii
  15. Weber
  16. xtrem3x
  17. zigizigiefe

  1. - Magic Bomb -
  2. Benny-
  3. Electoz
  4. Ascendance
  5. celerih
  6. JeirYagtama
  7. Sanyi
  8. Sinnoh

  1. Feerum
  2. Litharrale
  3. Protastic101
  4. Weber
  5. - Aries -
  6. Antalf
  7. CrumpetFiddler
  8. eyes
  9. FruityEnLoops
  10. Lenfried-
  11. Sinnoh
  12. Tofu1222

Information for modders:
You do not need to mod a certain amount of maps, just go at your own pace. You can pick any map that is posted on the map list. Just check the thread and find a map that needs help!

Supporting Banners

You can put these banners into your signature.






The modding queue will officially open on November 1st, 2017. This will give enough time for mappers to do their Christmaps!

Stay tuned! ~
Here we go!
I'm not missing out on this this time around :)

I'll nominate some maps from here come December
add me too :o
Add me please
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As the first day of sign-up, I've already collected 42 names over all the modes. I really like that!

Keep the registration going. The more we are, the more fun we will have!
Well.. I can post here :D

Count me in taiko and standard for the moment Gabe!

I'd be glad to help with this project. Add me there too.
Nao Tomori
I will also join for Standard.

Naotoshi wrote:

I will also join for Standard.
I would love to join this Christmas Queue too. Add me!
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[s]Closing the topic for now.

Stay tuned~![/s]

You can now take a look to our modding queue HERE!
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