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Problem Details:
Every time I type something in the search bar, then play the map I want to play. The search bar disappears. It's a problem because then I would have to type the search again when I'm looking for the map.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
For example I was playing this map trying to try out all the difficulties. This is what I searched before playing the map.
Then the search bar disappears and I have to search for the map again. I actually don't have to finish the map. The search bar disappears even with a quick pause. The bar also disappears when I search using the beatmap's 6 digit or less code.

osu! version: 20170731.2 (latest)
As far as I know this only happens if you quit the map using the Escape key.
As the Escape key is also the hotkey for clearing the search field, it gets cleared if you hold Escape for too long when quitting a map.
No, it happens anytime you click the back to menu button on the pause screen or the back button on the score screen after playing the map. It can also happen when quick pausing, when you pause before the map starts and you are taken back to the song menu.
I can't find a thread regarding this, so I will assume that it's an intended behavior. In this case, this is rather a feature request. And I don't see this being implemented at this point, since the new osu!Lazer build is being worked on. That's not a thing on the new build, though. So you might wanna look forward to that.
Wait this is intended? :?
Make sure your escape key is not being held down or double registering.
both of the screenshots provided still show the search bar. Do you mean search query?

EDIT1: I am confirming this, the query disappears when exiting from auto gameplay
I feel like this is not intended functionality. I have not been successful in reproducing it on Latest and Cutting Edge. The query always remains no matter how many different combinations of exiting the map I try.
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