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Hi. This is my first post here and I've decided to greet myself with a song. With the wonderful editor and awesome game(thanks peppy!), I've made Because of You by Kelly Clarkson. It's my first song and I know there is room for improvement. I think the bpm and offset are off as well.

I don't really like the beginning, but I am quite satisfied with the end though.
That was a good beatmap, nice placement of beats.

The crits:
- the song switches to 2/4 beat for one bar just before every chorus, which might have caused your timing problem. Technically, it wouldn't have caused a problem, but I've fixed this anyway, take a look at the new timing sections.
- at 2:33 there's a double note on top of the slider. It might have been a 1/8 note, but I wasn't too sure. I've deleted the extra beat.

Take a look at the attached osu file.

Download: Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway - Because Of You (SixtySevenFrogs) [Normal].osu
Well done. I don't have any complaints.
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I must have added the extra note by accident. Thanks for the correction though. I knew looking for the first beat in the middle of the chorus wasn't such a good idea :) .
Hitoshirenu Shourai
Personally, I think this would go better with soft sounds, but regardless, nicely done.
Have you uploaded the new version with that circle removed?
If that's the case I'll rank it now, so please, answer that. =D
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Yeah, I re-uploaded it already. Thanks for the comments guys. I also considered using soft sounds but I wasn't too sure because then it would have been too soft.
Pretty good; I like the mapping near the middle the best. It seemed to make the most sense with the beat.
I cannot download this. :(
Me too
the beatmap is only 696 kb
You can download the map now ;)
fixed the download page download.
Download link down. Gives a file called '148' which is 0bytes. Hope this notice helps. :D
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