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It will be holidays for me soon and to keep myself busy I've decided to start up this thread to get you guy's opinions on my beatmaps as well as give you guys some enjoyable (at least I hope) charts to play.

The first thing I will like to point out is that most of the songs I will release are going to have 4 difficulties, that's Easy, Medium, Hard and Insane.
- Easy typically has slightly larger than normal circles and very slow life drain. Judging is also more lax on this difficulty.
- Medium has normal sized circles and an average life drain, circle appearing speed and judge level.
- Hard has slightly smaller circles and strong life drain. Charts are typically much harder on this difficulty and follow the song much more closely.
- Insane is like in the real game, mirror and flipped hard with minor changes and tougher gameplay (e.g. Smaller circles).

After each song's download link in brackets is the overall difficulty of the charts, easy being Loop & Loop difficulty while hard is up there with Shanghai Honey.

There are two groups of songs you will see me do. Stepmania/DDR/ITG songs and mainstream (or 'real') songs.

Stepmania Songs (Typically only 1:20 to 2:00 long and has less lyrics overall)

You will most likely see me putting these out more often than mainstream songs since I have most of the BPM and offset values already, they are much quicker and easier to make and I'm more familiar with them. Be aware of this.

1, 2, 3, 4, 007 ~Speed Mix~ by NiNi (Easy/Medium)
Aishiteru by Hinoi Team (Medium)
Emoticons by Hinoi Team (Medium)

Mainstream Songs (Typically 2:30-3:30 long, more lyrics)

The more traditional EBA/OTO feel with great hits (or not?) from various bands and artists around the world. There will be less of these due to them being tougher to make.

None yet but there will be some soon!

Opinions are greatly appreciated, hope you enjoy :D
Very nice. These maps are extremely well made and quite fun to play. The different difficulties are pretty much spot on in my opinion - the Hard Rock mode can perhaps be a bit harder. A nice couple of songs for beginners to ease their way into the game.

Just a non-gameplay related thing - for different difficulty maps of the same song, it's easiest to put the difficulty (e.g. Normal, Hard) under "description" in Song Setup, then package the mp3 and all .osu's in a single .osz. This way everything automatically extracts, and you don't need to bother manually naming each map. But I can see you're working on that already :D

Good work, I can't wait to see you churning out some really challenging ones :mrgreen:

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[deleted user]
Thanks a lot :v glad you liked them.

Also for hard rock being easy, I could make them harder and I probably will. I was a bit too worried about straying too far from the hard chart so I sticked to minor changes.


All packs converted to OSZ With some much needed help from Peppy ^^;

Much better like that in my opinion


Also just so you know, if any of you have suggestions as to any songs (mainstream or stepmania) I should do I am happy to here suggestions.
Fully agreed with eyup. Kudos for being the first to explore having multiple difficulties with very different beat patterns. Hopefully this will start a trend for future mappers to follow - it really is nice having an easy version available for those less experienced.

Keep up the good work.
Standards! I love standards, and I plan to follow your example of difficulties more closely with my next beatmap, unlike my previous ones where I just removed a few beats to make it "easy".
Nice beatmaps too, very easy and fun to play, nice and short too.

Hope to see more of your work soon!
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[deleted user]
Glad to see you all like the charts. I've got the day off school today since I've come over sick which gave me time to finish one more song, I ALWAYS get sick just before the holidays. Next song will most likely be Stars but we'll see.

Stepmania Songs:

Emoticons by Hinoi Team - (Medium)
This song is probably the hardest out of the 3 so far, it's also the longest by a few seconds.

Mainstream Songs:

Stars (Definitive Mix) by Roxette - Work In Progress
Last Dinosaur by The Pillows - Work In Progress (temporary hold until I get BPM issues sorted)

Hope you like it
Aren't test/exams usually before school holidays? ;)

Good job! I'm liking these stepmania songs, nice and short.
Another really nice beatmap! They're short, sharp and very fun to play =)

I'm not 100% sure on this, but the offset might be a little off. I seem to have to click consistently early to get 300s. Yet I opened the song in edit mode and played it, and it sounded fine. Hmm... :|

Get well soon!

eyup wrote:

I seem to have to click consistently early to get 300s. Yet I opened the song in edit mode and played it, and it sounded fine. Hmm... :|
This could be my fault, actually. I'll check when I get home - haven't really had any songs utilising higher accuracy settings until now so this may need a bit of work.
eyup is right, the offset is a little off, but fear not! I spent a moment figuring out that it was about 54ms behind, fixed it, then repackaged and reupped the .osz :D
Lots of 300s now.
Yay Lumino has saved the day! :D It's perfect now!
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[deleted user]

Lumino wrote:

eyup is right, the offset is a little off, but fear not! I spent a moment figuring out that it was about 54ms behind, fixed it, then repackaged and reupped the .osz :D
Lots of 300s now.
Thanks a bunch. I actually should have known it is off. Since I got most of these songs for stepmania I have offset and BPM values already there for me however I noticed (mostly with the first two songs) that it can be as much as 100 off, so I should really watch out for that bit more :P
Great work there MCXD, I like the music choice. And multiple difficulty levels is a good idea. Might redo some of mine for other difficulty levels. :mrgreen:
:):D D: :( :L :| :O :] :[ :@ ç_ç :S Emoticons!

Kecco wrote:

:) :D D: :( :L :| :O :] :[ :@ ç_ç :S Emoticons!
Like you flood?
Do not upload old topics for a silly reason like that, please :o
Map doesn't work anymore. Can't download from osu!direct or the site.
This beatmap has not been uploaded correctly!
Ahhh! I really LOVE this song :D
It's kinda obvious, why. :3
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