Kurei Soshi - WISH ~ Kimi wo Matenakute

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ZZT the Fifth
Okay, who all played and enjoyed Rhythm Tengoku? You guys are gonna love this beatmap. I was able to find the original version of the song from the 5th Remix, and made a beatmap to it. I'd place it somewhere in between normal and hard... Give it a try and tell me whatcha think!

Here it is.
Great beatmap, great song. I think it could do with a background image/video though - just to fill in those lengthy break-times! Apart from that, this is ready to be ranked. People are going to like this one.
Agreed - with a background, it will be perfect. From a gameplay perspective, it is already perfect =) Congrats! Ranked.
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ZZT the Fifth
Buy me a computer that won't grind to a halt when video and gameplay are combined; then I'll consider adding video. :P

Edit: Uh, you might want to check how you set it up again. My scores aren't submitting to the online list when I beat the song. :O
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