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Problem Details:

So I wanted to download all maps that exist whitin the game, but when using osu!direct it wont further down than maps from 2014. As well, the osu!page doesnt have maps before 2013 either. Does anyone know how I could get hold of the rest of the ranked beatmaps from 2007-2012?

(And yes, I know about beatmap packs, but they dont contain all the ranked/approved maps as far as I know)

If anyone knows how to solve this little problem, it'd be a huge help.
you can find various torrents for all ranked maps, if you search around on reddit / twitter. not gonna link here.. dunno if it is allowed. but the downloads are out there.
Here ya go!


"Delete all unranked maps"

Torrents are allowed.
Thanks so much for the help. Rally nice of you. Have a cute gif as a tiny reward, I suppose :P

I'll always accept Yuru Yuri (if I even didn't do anything)
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