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As a part of the recently-approved Upheaval process, we will now be holding a combined BN and QAT vote to determine the leadership of the QAT/BN.

The leadership of the QAT will be responsible for acting as a bridge between the BN and the QAT, the day-to-day affairs of running the team, spearheading any extra efforts or discussions that may be needed, as well as becoming a point of contact between the community and the osu!team.

The following QAT have put themselves forward for the role:


Hi I'm Okorin and probably known for organizing the mentorship program along with reworking the Ranking Criteria slowly but steadily. I'm putting myself forward for this role because over the past year and a half or so (the Ranking Criteria things started a bit earlier) I've had my fair share of being-in-charges, being the person to complain about anything and everything to as well as the person that got people to sit together and get things done and grew to liking the whole ordeal in a pretty weird way so to say.

So why sign up for more of that? To clarify I don't plan on stopping or fading out of any of the places I'm involved in anytime soon and think I will have enough time to spare on this game in the foreseeable future (unit of measurement for this statement would be years) as I am and will be on a very predictable work schedule thus I'd regret not offering myself for this if I didn't.


I would love to take on the position of Quality Assurance Team Manager to guide the Beatmap Nominators and QAT together through this period of change and uncertainty. I see myself as someone who is confident and enjoys communicating with others; always accessible and open to discussion of new ideas, but not afraid to say what's on my mind. I do my utmost to treat every individual and situation fairly, always seeking to inspect issues rationally from multiple points of view before reaching a decision.

The Beatmap Nominators and Quality Assurance Team will be likely be subjected to further significant changes in the near future. I believe this situation calls for a strong yet flexible leader who is willing to inspire others and lead by example, but also prepared to take criticism and work with everyone to continue improving the community. Despite only being a QAT for a short time, I have regularly taken the initiative and gained a great deal of experience doing so. From creating the Code of Conduct for Mapping and Modding, as well as Beatmap Nominator tests, to organising the Mentorship Program and leading the QAT blog, I always endeavour to make things happen, and I want to encourage others to do the same.

If elected, I will push for a swift but fair resolution on the remaining changes proposed by the upheaval, from both the QAT and Beatmap Nominators' sides. Our two teams have often been at odds with one another, despite working towards the same goal - making sure the community receives the absolute best content possible in a regular fashion. I care a great deal for this game, and I wish to take this opportunity to work with the best of the best and make it a better place for everyone.


What would I do as a QAT leader? Well, the clear functions are yet to be decided but first of all, I'd like you to count on me to aid any of the members of the BN/QAT in any issues you might have and try to find a proper solution if any problem comes up. The key to keep a good team atmosphere is a clear communication between all the members, instead of keeping the current invisible barriers that separate the BN and the QAT I vow for sincerity and transparency in the future decisions.

I'd also like to get a direct communication way with the developers and do my best do get the proposals the team have implemented in the near future. In me you can find an experienced person willing to keep contributing in this awesome game and it'd be a great honor to take this position if you guys support me for it. Thank you!


All members of both the Beatmap Nominators and the QAT will be expected to have their vote heard in this matter. Members who choose not to vote must provide reasoning for doing so - those who do not vote will be considered to be non-engaged and will be reviewed.

To vote, PM UP TO TWO CHOICES to me (Ephemeral) via FORUM PM ONLY. The three candidates listed above are the only accepted choices. You may abstain from voting if you wish, but you must tell me that you are abstaining, and if possible, a reason as to why.

The weight of each individual QAT vote will be increased to compensate for the lesser quantity of them compared to the membership of the Beatmap Nominators. Both groups will have an equal say overall in who is appointed to leadership.

You may include reasoning if you wish, but it is not required. All that is important is that your choices number no greater than two, and that they are clearly outlined in your post.

The vote will run for 7 days from the date of this post.

You may approach the candidates to ask them about anything you like regarding leadership during that time period, the choice is entirely up to you.

Choose wisely. Under no circumstances bar absolute necessity will I - or any other member of the osu!team - interfere in this process, for better, or worse.
Over 95% of the BN and 100% of the QAT have finished voting, and the result is fairly clear. The votes of each QAT were weighted by 466% percent (4.66x) to accommodate for their size - 17 versus 68 BNs.

With the support of 54% of all Beatmap Nominators, and 82% of the QAT, JBHyperion assumes effective leadership over the BN and the QAT. (102.24 weighted total votes)

Joining him, with the support of 45% of all BN and 52% of the QAT is Okorin. (72.94 weighted total votes)

With the support of 20% of the BN and 58% of the QAT, Deif fell just short of the minimum 70pt weighted threshold for a three-way triumvirate. (60.6 weighted votes).

Together, these two will be responsible for the leadership of the BN and QAT for an indeterminate period of time. We have discussed hosting votes every 3-6 months for the leadership, but nothing is ironed out in concrete as of yet.

Thank you to everybody who voted and made their preferences known.

With this appointment, both Loctav and myself will be stepping back from directing QAT/BN choices except when absolutely necessary.

We entrust the future to the imperative and leadership of the two newly appointed leaders, as well as the rest of the community at large.
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