(Osu! Mania) NM and GD Service!!!!

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No format, just put the link of your map and tell me a little about your map (patterning, SV, HS or something that makes me want to Mod it, don't tell about duration, or keycount, i can know it self.

*i just provide NM but when my slots full you can PM me in-Game or PM in forum massage to ask for it. I'll give you the link of M4M map at there.

*for GD request put your request here and notify me what should i make.

*No anime and LN maps, it has trash atm.

*Paste your map link with old site format, So i can handle my stuff easier. like

*i accept all keycount (4K-9K). But 7K are in my priority and more prefer hardcore renaisans instrumental one <3

*All length is fine, i do my modding activity according with my mood, my Internet connection, and my RL stuff. So, please be patient.

*Don't send copy-pasted based map.

*I'll rejected your map if your map like an ussual map or the song doesn't interesting for me.

*And also don't forget to check my last post 8-)

Banner by Card Thanks a lot
pertamax ??

Artist - tittle : Duca - Rocket*Ride
Diff to mod : any
key : 4k
Drain time : 1:25

thanks owo)b
Artist - tittle :Tyrfing - Verflucht
link :
Diff to mod : Normal/Hyper
key :4
Drain time :1:49

Feel free to use English.
Thank you.
Ketigax ?
Artist - title : R3 Music Box - Sugar Song to Bitter Step
Link :
Diff to mod : all diffs ?
Key : 4k
Drain time : 01:01

Thanks also gut lak uwu
Artist - tittle : RADWIMPS - Yume Tourou
link :
Diff to mod : Atmosphere
key : 8
Drain time : 1:40
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all request done
Nick Wilde
Artist - tittle : 9mm Parabellum Bullet - Inferno
link :
Diff to mod : All diffs? if not, just hard
key : 4
Drain time : 1:27
Artist - title : Camellia - Mazare Party (feat. kradness, Nanahira and yukacco)
link :
Diff to mod : Put your hands up! or Easy (either one is fine)
key : 4K
Drain time : 3:49

Thank you!
hello there

Artist - tittle : Nanahira - Bakubaire! Match Uri
link :
Diff to mod : Insane (what you want)
key : 4
Drain time : 2:24

hoping that it's open

Artist - tittle : sakuzyo - AXION
link : click me
Diff to mod : Any diff will do
key : 4
Drain time : 1:56

thank you :D
[ Blaze ]
Artist - tittle : Draw the Emotional & Foreground Eclipse - Stay by my side
link :
Diff to mod : Any
key : 4k
Drain time :3:15

ditunggu :D
Artist - tittle : Moso Calibration - Seishun Prologue
link :
Diff to mod : EZ or NM 7K
key : 4K & 7K
Drain time : 1:26 (1:25 drain)

Thank you
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Close to finish req.
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Artist - tittle : BlackYooh vs. siromaru - BLACK or WHITE?
link :
Diff to mod : Opaque
key : 4
Drain time : 5:43
Map is complex so I will understand if you only mod parts that you are comfortable with

Salty Mermaid

Artist - tittle : F-777 - Airborne Robots
link :
Diff to mod : As you wish
key : 4
Drain time : 2:25

Thank youuuuuu! Do as you can
Artist - tittle : Chino(Minase Inori) - Okashi na Yume o Ohitotsu Douzo
link :
Diff to mod : Hard or Insane
key : 4k
Drain time : 1:38 (1:36 drain)

thanks in advance :)
Artist - tittle : IAHN - Transform (Original Mix)
link :
Diff to mod : up to you
key : 4k
Drain time : 2:02
thank you :D
Artist - tittle : CosMo@p-Oceanus (Piano Version)
link :
Diff to mod :HD
key :4k
Drain time :02:20
thank you :)
Shima Rin
Artist - tittle : Takamori Natsumi, Sendai Eri, Asakawa Yuu, Tanezaki Atsumi - Ne! Ko!
link :
Diff to mod : Any
key : 4K
Drain time : 0:46

Thanks! ;)
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