Guang Liang - Tong Hua

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A Chinese song this time, one of my favorites. Such a sad story :(

A nice, easy beatmap, edited down to <3mins. I stole the star from my older Brilliant World beatmap.

Download: 王光良 - 童話
Hitoshirenu Shourai
Nicely done!
I think this one should go the rankings. It isn't a hard song so it doesn't need a easier version. I like it too... so...

[deleted user]
Nice song!

I seem to be getting penalized for a missed beat whenever I finish the "follow the ball" sequences just before the chorus. Is this a bug or am I missing something?
I can't even see your replay on the online list zIP. Hard to really tell what's going on if you aren't ranking online :/.
anyone know where I can get the full version of this song? I looked on iTunes and they only have an instrumental version and covers by other artists, but not his. also, info as to where I could find a karaoke version would be great too.
Wow, I listen to this all the time on Hong Kong Radio 2. I'm very surprised there's a beatmap for this.

Thank you so much. =D

BTW, Tong Hua = Fairy Tales, for those who don't know.
i think the offset is a little bit too early(i get 300 when i click a few milliseconds before the beat in the song)
nice beatmap anyway =)

watch it and you will understand whats going on in tha song@@
and the lyrics for the song @@ ... g_hua.html
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