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Hello everyone!

A few months later than usual, LMS4, a series of tournaments dating back to the Polish version and Dolphin's/Acrith's taiko adaption, is soon taking place. For this I'm writing this post for the planned upcoming changes and possible clarifications to the life system as it has been handled last year.

But first of all: What even is LMS?

LMS (short for Last Man Standing) is a team-based tournament with a unique twist: Instead of gaining points by having a higher team score than your opponent, you try to knock out the opposing team by scoring higher than their lowest-scoring player! Think of it as dodgeball.

How difficult is this going to be?

For now the goal is to have the difficulty similar to LMS:SE2's, while the Group Stage is planned to be somewhere between LMS3's and SE2's Group Stage/Round of 16 pool. This does mean LMS4's Group Stage won't be as hard as TWC7, so it stays fair for all teams.

So what are the planned changes?

  1. Instead of being country-based allowing exceptions, this tournament will allow any kind of group. So you could have six players from six different countries!
  2. Score v2 is used.
  3. Map pools will be smaller, including 17 instead of 20 maps. (Three more than LMS:SE2). Extra is removed, however:
    1. A HDHR bracket is added. Allowing HDHR in FreeMod has not been decided yet.
    2. An EZ bracket might be added. Depends on maps available to make this bracket feel difficult, also depending whether this bracket is wanted or not.
      More lives in Group Stage, Round of 16 and possibly also Quarterfinals. Would result in 6 lives for each team in Quarterfinals.

We would like to hear some feedback about these changes, or some suggestions for other/more changes as well!

And how does the life system work?

In all rounds, you need to knockout all players from the opponent team. The lowest scoring player of every played map gets knocked out from the match (or lose a life). The team that loses all players first loses the match.

If less than 3 players attend, you have to forfeit their lives. They can not be transferred to another player. You will have 10 minutes to get at least 3 players to play, if you cannot, you must forfeit those lives and play handicapped.

You can not exchange with someone who’s already eliminated. Note that the players who get knocked out during a match is only gone temporarily, during the match. If their team advances, they can participate in the next match their team plays in.

You can only exchange one person per map.

You can not transfer lives.


Registrations will open in a few weeks, Group Stage is planned to happen on the first weekend after MWC 2017 has ended (September 23rd). Until then you can leave a comment here and also suggest maps! Hope to see lots of players this year to make this tournament as exciting as possible.

Additionally, if you are interested in streaming or refereeing matches, send me a forum PM. More streamers are always welcome so that we finally can get a stream every weekend!

You can also join the LMS discord to discuss and hype up LMS, and to be the first to receive news about schedule, map pool and more!
h y p e
this should be fun i guess
Yaaaas \o/
Good Luck
I am here to show my support for the addition of the EZ bracket because the EZ bracket sounds like a fun bracket ty :oops:


Hype train aside, great to see LMS is coming.
I recommend including discord link to the LMS server so people can spam over there :^)
Regarding EZ mod bracket, I think poll needs to be done once more people have jumped onto the hype train to see how do they feel about the idea.

:I hope HDHR in FreeBracket is allowed
(And EZ-bracketed maps should have to have super high OD? idk...)

Hope everybody's hyped in the end!

And EZ bracket, I think that it'll be fun too I guess. :3
Great! Good luck at it boys ~
Is it decided yet how many maps there will be in each bracket?

EZ bracket seems fine to me, maybe there will be some interesting upsets because of that change. Picking good maps for this bracket is the biggest issue imo, but that's maybe because I don't play maps on EZ at all.

HDHR in FreeMod: I don't see why this shouldn't be allowed. Still, if there are people who want a more balanced approach (since there will be a HDHR bracket on its own) it's also not unlogical to forbid this pick. I'd say it would also depend on how many maps there will be in the HDHR bracket.
You could also say how someone can counter HR with HD in FreeMod and vice versa, but there is no real counter to someone picking HDHR.
Hey is Backfire gonna be on the staff? I need to know before I can participate.
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