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I've noticed that when playing osu I want to see when my mutual friends come online. The problem is, is that you can only see when your friends are online when you are on the osu client as well and you see when people come online and offline in the bottom right hand corner via a small notification. So instead of having to have osu open all the time, why not have an option in the online tab where you can have desktop notifications enabled for osu when mutual friends come online and also for text messages. It would be good toggleable so we don't have notifications all the time.
Great idea
as long as they are toggle able in options, I can agree.
This would be great tbh
Great idea juicebox2000
Just install an IRC client with desktop notifications and use that.
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JSE wrote:

Just install an IRC client with desktop notifications and use that.
Well but the IRC doesn't let me see anyone that comes online from the GUI. Even though my friends can text me when they are online, they usually don't because they don't know I'm online. Plus, not everybody knows about the IRC client and I think this would be a good edition since it would be official.
That would be awesome, if we can able/disable those notifications in settings.
Thats a pretty good idea actually, as long as its toggle able
great idea but how whould that work on windows 7 and below? windows 8/10 are the only windows versions that show desktop notifications
insane player
I do love this idea !!
Tanomoshii Nekojou
Add notifications from followed forums and beatmaps updates too please.....

If you could toggle this, that'd be fantastic
Good idea. I hope this will be realized.
Really very smart idea tbh \:D/
sounds awesome, hope to see this idea implemented soon
I think this is a great idea but if added with a sound when there a mutual friend that connected add an option to disable this sound <3
Excellent Idea :.ok_hand:
Is this idea dead? I need something like this xD
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