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Last time I made a queue like this I straight up abandon it, but this time I gonna be a good girl and keep up with it!

This queue is for the sole purpose of improving my modding skills so any tips is appreciated!

NM/M4M - Closed

  1. Any song is fine with me EXCEPT anything like Camellia or any other type of music that involves technical mapping!
    - I prefer to mod Japanese female vocals/Everything else is lower priority -

  2. Do not post the same map more than twice - If I didn't mod it the 1st time, more than likely I won't mod it the 2nd time
    - I will not do a recheck for your map either - Once I mod it, I will not mod it again.
    (This should be obvious but too many done this in the past that I now have to make a rule for this)

  3. Nothing below 30s and I don't mod Easy/Normal only sets (that includes Easy/Normal approvals maps) -

  4. Nothing Higher than 200 bpm -

  5. There is no first come first serve for NM - All request that is NM will be check randomly on my spare time when I got nothing to do!
    - If I like ur map I will mod it - If I don't I won't -
    - I also won't mod it if I cannot find anything -
    - M4M is prioritized ofc but that doesn't mean I won't decline ur request -

  6. M4M - Considering my experience as a modder - I will mod ur map first if I accept-
    - So if u mod my map without me going first - Expect me to not mod ur map if I can't
    - You can pick whichever map down below to mod (unless stated on last post since I might only want 1 modded) -

  7. I am inexperience with modding so don't be mad please :(
  8. I give Kds to songs/maps I like (it not like I have anything better to do with them...)

  9. I don't do tickets regardless of circumstances (if anything, I will close M4M if I don't have a map)

  10. Always look out for Last post.

- New rules can be added anytime - same for removing them -

The M4M Maps:
- https://osu.ppy.sh/s/681577- For Rank (Modv2)
- https://osu.ppy.sh/s/673342 - For Rank - Graved but will be revived after a rework on the top/low difficulty
- Only making Hard/Normal difficulties atm and it must be a TV size (Basically just anything anime)

- I want my very first GD rank so you have to have at least 1 rank map and going for rank seriously (I don't like my hard work in the graved)

- Check my maps before you ask because you may not like my mapping style

- If I accept - I will pm you - If I don't I will ignore your request and just assume that I decline

let see how long this q last before I abandon it once again...
Hello, NM request ^^

scop - Yubikiri

Thank you if you do~
hello ~

NM please

link : https://osu.ppy.sh/s/635297

mod to diff : DustMoon's Easy
Noffy - I'm sorry but I didn't see much in ur map to mod at my level of experience

Angki - This is a std q - I can't even play mania

- Everyone else I gave small mods -

EDIT: Alrighty NM/M4M is back open

- GD is always open -
hey NM request
Hello NM please :)https://osu.ppy.sh/b/1346121

hard and normal in priority :roll:
TheKoala - Did short mod

IWeenox - Couldn't find nothing major to mod sorry

- Still open for NM/M4M -

- GD is always open -
Hey! GD's open. I'll give it a try
Title: Deep in Abyss
Drain time: 1:27
I would like you to do insane difficulty.
Thanks a lot. Hope you like the song :) The song is with two female Japanese vocals, and its awsome
hayy o/

ask for Normal diff (below 2*), i like your style on your shinitai-chan maps tbh owo

thank you >w<
A r M i N - Did small mod -

jack1817 - Half of me want to map this song and the other half doesn't - I'll just pm u if I decline

Nevertary - Didn't check map yet - will look at map tomorrow or so - will pm u if I decline -

I am not busy just yet so I am gonna leave the queue open all night and close whenever I feel like it!
- bumping cause updating rules -

NM red: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/645591

Thanks C:
NM Please!
Thank you!
NM please! thanks <3

NM plz, New mapper
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