osu!idol 2017 FINALS [RESULTS]

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MP3 links are below this post.

Welcome to the 2017 Edition of the osu!idol contest. Let's get to it.
Join our discord server for announcements, questions and general banter! (recommended you use your osu! username)

If you don't use discord, make sure you follow this thread if you are participating!!!

Contest rules
  • 1. You must be part of the osu!community and not too inactive.
    2. Don't edit, cut, modify your recordings in any way or add any effects.
  1. If you are recording in an echo environment, please notify us via forum pm/discord dm etc.
3. No excessively obscene lyrics.
4. We recommend uploading your entries to SoundCloud or
  1. Make sure your voice can be heard clearly.
  2. Do not change your SoundCloud username, your entry's link will not work anymore otherwise.
  3. Once you submit an entry, do not ask to change to a new one.
  4. If SoundCloud takes down your upload please notify us for resubmission.
  5. If you cannot use these services, wherever you are uploading your entry, make sure it is in a known audio format.
5. If you are a duet you will be counted as one contestant.
6. Joke entries are discouraged. We have the task to through a lot of performances.

Frequently asked questions
  • Q: Can I put an instrumental on my recording?
    A: You can if available.

    Q: Is my song selection only limited to what is on osu!?
    A: Of course not! You can sing anything as long as it fits the stage's requirements.

    Q: Can I submit another entry if I don't like my previous one?
    A: No. Once you think you did your best, then submit.

    Q: I have a friend that can sing but isn't registered on osu!. Can he/she join?
    A: No. Refer to rule 1.

    Q: I am not part of this community, can I register to participate?
    A: No. Refer to rule 1.

    Q: Why must I be active?
    A: We strive for people who are here on a regular basis. Wouldn't be very fun a winner just dissapearing into nothingness.

General Infrormation
  • Stages
    Contest stages will consist of

  1. Auditions (Registrations) - those who manage to gather an average grade or above will continue ahead!
  2. 3 stages with different requirements (speeds/genres) which will be announced after the previous stage has ended!
  3. Final stage where the top 3 will agree on one song to sing with mixing and effects allowed! The community will decide the winner via voting!
  • Hosts
    Keeping things running in a smooth order

  1. Flanster
  2. Kyonko Hizara
  • Judges
    They will be in charge of evaluating your performances during the stages

  1. Kyonko Hizara
  2. Garven
  3. CptHampton
  4. HeatKai
  • Contest prizes
    Whats in it for me eh?

  1. 1st will earn an osu!idol 2017 Winner badge for their profile plus a 6 months supporter tag!
  2. 2nd will be awarded with supporter worth 3 months!
  3. 3rd will be awarded with a 2 month supporter tag!
  • Important links
    These will be essential if you are participating in the event or simply interested

  1. osu!idol Discord server invite link
  2. Main google document for entries and judging (Unavailable during submissions/judging)
  3. Submission form where you will send your entries
  4. Live judging google document - shows realtime judging percentage completion
Kyonko Hizara

MP3 links to finalist entries

Renril - Rinne Tensei
(original artist Mafumafu)

Will Stetson - Ikanaide
(original artist Kaai Yuki)

Thievley - All around me
(original artist Flyleaf)
- AyDJay -
let's go wonderland
Yaaaay ^w^
Finally whoooa!!!
time for me to shine baby!
yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, hypee
don't fuck it up again, lacrimae
To be a nice judge or a harsh judge? :thinking:

ztrot wrote:

time for me to shine baby!
no for me!!

CptHampton wrote:

To be a nice judge or a harsh judge? :thinking:
You know what you doing!!
Does Equalizer count as an effect?
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Jeshika-chan wrote:

Does Equalizer count as an effect?

Rules wrote:

2. Don't edit, cut, modify your recordings in any way or add any effects.
Hmmm what song would be good for a duet.
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