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edit: I know OD in taiko is stricter with timing compared to standard. I am asking about high OD for the taiko mode

osu!taiko maps generally have very low overall difficulty, and I'm not really sure why. It seems like it's typical for even the most difficult maps to cap at around OD6.5 or OD7... Is there any reason to not use something higher? I think it's strange that a mode solely focused on rhythm is often given a lot of leniency for hit accuracy.

From a playing perspective, it's odd because HR on lower difficulties basically does nothing; maps are still passable pretty easily and the resulting OD is still very low (most muzukashii and below are OD5 or below, resulting in OD7 at max). For the higher difficulties, most of them don't even get to OD10 after HR.

From a mapping perspective it also doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Patterning is one of the few ways to create intensity in a map with low accuracy requirements, but with higher ones you could keep the player more on-edge even while playing simpler rhythms.

Is there something about high OD (8+) that just doesn't work in the osu!taiko mode? I'm pretty new to both playing and mapping in taiko, so maybe this is all just a silly question.
Honestly the problem lies more in the fact that HR always increases the OD by 40% both in Taiko and Standard.

In Standard a 40% increase in OD is alot more substantial than it is in Taiko due to the fact that OD0 in Taiko is equal to OD5 in Standard yet OD10 is the same for both. So for each 2 OD increase in Taiko you only would go up 1 OD in Standard. Generally speaking most Standard maps I find have OD8 for extra difficulties. OD8 in Standard is equal to OD6 in Taiko while Taiko OD7 is equal to Standard OD8.5. So realistically OD6 and OD7 is perfectly reasonable. The problem lies in like I said the HR multipler as OD8.4 for an OD6+HR is alot lower than OD8+HR which in then OD10
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