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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Hello, mod from #modreq :3

Okay. This is your first map i think your actually trying to get ranked or something like that?
First of all about your diffspread. Normal is 2,2* hard is 2,7* then insane 4,8* extra 6,x* .. thats not a healthy spread ^^ the gaps between the difficultys should be better and not like 0,5 then 2 and 2.
Also to have a rankable mapset your lowest difficulty needs to be exactly or below 2*!
So, you should make normal diff to 2* or a bit lower, hard should be 2,9-3,2*
Your insane needs to get a bit lower too, 4,0-4,5 should be better and your extra needs to be lowered too to 5,5-6* max. or you could make new diffs to fill those gaps.

You dont have to put the artist into tags.

Offset for timing point is 358!

Phantom Normal
AR7 for normal? Lower it.
Ill be going for general tips here ^^

Slider velocity 1,7 and 210 is WAY too high for a normal. the diff in general is way too fast and you have to use consistent spacing! troughout the whole diff or else it will be unrankable. consistent spacing should be done over all diffs and it should only alternate if you want to emphasize special sounds or sections which you CAN NOT do in Easy/Normal. You need to remake this diff and use same spacing for every object.
00:20:501 (1) - Such beat density is nothing for normal.
00:20:929 (2) - Dont use more than 1 repeat.. If you find yourself using that then do something else since its 99% the better choice to make something else there.
Also in general you use a LOT of breaks where you didnt map anything. You should be avoiding these and use actual breaks when they fit with the music. Try making sliders over sections where theres no beats.
00:45:930 (1,2,3,4,5) - Dont make things overlap. (you have this very often in your map and it makes it look really weird)

Wraithly Hard
You used sv 1,7 for every diff xD yea here its way too fast too.
To me it feels like your not really following the music :/
00:18:920 (1,2,1,2,3) - Here you didnt map the singing cuz you skipped 00:19:634 - and so on. Also about the spacing errors. It should be consistent troughout the whole diff with just exceptions when you make jumps to emphasize important sounds. Map the singing and put sliders over breaks. You really gotta remap this. Skipping beats is really nothing for a hard and making it incosistent/mapping random things isnt good ._.
00:43:777 (7) - Making a slider exactly like the previous one is a really bad idea since players cannot react to it, infact it is actually unrankable. The previous slider has to be fully gone and the new sliderpath has to be perfectly visible. (! Quote: "Every slider must have a clear and visible path to follow from start to end. [...] When perfectly overlapping two slider bodies, the first slider must be fully faded out before the second slider is fully faded in.")

Spiritly Insane
01:06:634 - All diffs should end here.
Yea this diffs problem is just the same. You cant read it because of random spacing and the ar is too low here. All the breaks make it impossible to know when you actually have to click the next object. try to make less breaks by using sliders, make spacing more consistent with just jumps where they definitely fit. Less overlaps. In this diff your ideas/patterns sometimes were already good but overall its just... kinda unplayable :/ sorry.

Ghastly Expert
This is prob the best diff here.. ^^
But the problems are the same. Here you only seem to be using straight sliders. It appears random. You just put them somewhere and hope for the best. Try to make patterns. At the end its just super high spacing troughout the whole kiaitime. It kinda makes no sense to me since everything is just spaced randomly.
00:33:491 (1) - Another sign that you didnt really follow the music.. this slider doesnt really represent anything in the music.

So yea... After all i can assure you that this diff in its current state is going nowhere. Youll have to work a lot on it and rework all diffs but you still need to understand how to make your maps better before trying to go for rank. Your spacing needs to be better. You gotta map better to the music. Make less breaks and avoid em by using sliders. Less overlaps, try to make nice patterns so it also looks better. Yea...
Dont be discouraged though :) Youll have to put alot of effort into mapping if you actually want to get better and stuff. And you definitely will. Try to look at maps you like and analyse them. Analys the spacing, the patterns, the arrangement of the objects, slider velocity, etc etc.
If you still got questions or need help or anything you can ask me ofc ^^
Gl anyways! :3
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Gonna reply to this to see if I can sort of explain my choices. (developing my explanation OOOOOOF)
Ghastly Expert : The reason I put a lot of straight sliders was because (they matched with the music of course) but also I wanted to make it look like the vocals if that makes sense. The singer uses a lot of different tones, and with that I used straight sliders going up or down diagonally and in the middle or mirroring the slider or circle next to it.
00:33:491 (1) - I do hear a guitar that is louder in three beats of that slider so I did put it there. It also accompanies the voice, however I can acknowledge that it would be hard to notice. I also felt the simplicity of the repeat slider would be able to also show the next part would also be very simple.

Spiritly insane - For this difficulty I put a lot of breaks in the music for this reason: I wanted to make all the difficulties follow a different idea. So while expert follows jumps and triples to all of the music. I wanted insane to majorly focus on the music in the vocals instead unless the instrumental is to get very loud and important is where I would place notes. (I'll dicuss my spacing as the end since it is a problem)

Wraithly hard: In the beginning I feel like I probably should have put a slider but my problem with that was there was no music to accompany the singer so I decided not to. I also see that I should fix the breaks in this section of the song however 00:29:920 (1,2,3,1,2,1,2,3,1) - .
00:43:777 (7) - I will move this slider as I did notice that. :roll:

Phantom normal: (oh boy I knew this one was a mess) I can't change the bpm for the same map... but slider velocity I get. I also didn't realize i can't use spacing to emphasize sounds in normal... this difficulty I'll remake or make it a GD.

Now for the part that I decided to explain in the end. The spacing between notes I put them there depending on the music. If it was intense then I'd put them further apart. If it's quiet then I'll put them closer together and if it's about normal it'll go in between. That's my idea of spacing. The kiai time is where the song is intense and the singer is straining their voice so I put all the notes far apart as jumps with triples in them. The way I also organize my maps is with the sliders and circles. When I put down a slider I will put the circle in the middle of that slider (further of course) and if I need to place a circle it'll most likely be to form a triangle shape or square or even rhombus. But uh yeah. I can see from your mod that I have things to change here. And I will work until I can get it ranked. I won't beat a dead horse but I am going to try.
ALSO the difficulty spread is rankable since I just need normal or easy and my normal is below 2.25 and then I have 3 other difficulties which according to criteria is fine.
About your mapset, look here
These are the rules that are used right now.
Look under "mapset"
It clearly says your lowest diff needs to be 2* or lower as long as its not a marathon map.
"The difficulties in the mapset must be in a consecutive order. Easy or Normal can be skipped if the gap in the star rating spread allows it. The order can be seen in the chart below. If your mapset has two difficulties, one of them cannot be an Insane or Expert. The lowest difficulty must be below 2.0 stars. The difficulty level of osu!taiko-specific and osu!mania-specific difficulties must also follow a well-designed spread and might contain an Hard/Insane only, if there are standard difficulties present. In CtB, the spread evaluation is upon the Beatmap Nominators' discretion. The difficulty spread is determined by the map's star rating. A map falls under a certain difficulty when having a specific star rating:"

I never said your ideas are bad or anything like that, the execution however lacks a lot of essential things.

Did you ever see a set like this ranked? where difficulties have a gap of 2* everytime? ^^ I certainly didnt.

About your normal
Phantom normal: (oh boy I knew this one was a mess) I can't change the bpm for the same map... but slider velocity I get. I also didn't realize i can't use spacing to emphasize sounds in normal... this difficulty I'll remake or make it a GD.
you CANT use spacing emphasis in Easy/Normal. It HAS to be same spacing trough the WHOLE diff. Look at any ranked normal and youll never see any spacing inconsistencies. ALSO your normal has to be mapped like an easy since its your lowest diff (look at the mapset section of the link i sent above) and! Looking at the diff guidlines it says you have to use spacing consistency. Download any newly ranked map and youll not see ANY spacing inconsistencies. its so that beginners have a readable map. They will never understand jumps without actually knowing about how to play etc. Just enable distance spacing on the right and use it for the whole diff (which you honestly should do for all diffs anyways and just disable it when you want to make emphasizes)

About your extra, you said you only used straight sliders and stuff, and its fine yea but again the execution of it is not. The flow created and especially the visuals used for this map make it seem very ... well.. random and messy.
00:33:491 (1) - I do get what you mapped here.. its very silently in the bg but.. well okay if you really want that like that.
However the visuals are still the main problem here.
00:32:491 (4,5,1) - Copy sliders and rotate them by 90° (ctrl + , or . or j or h)
Use them and just copy the sliders to make em look perfectly parallel or with perfect angles.
Right now it just looks like you made random angles and patterns that dont fit with anything else.
00:34:777 (4,5,6) - Here too for example. 4 and 6 should be in an 90° angle but they certainly arent.
00:35:491 (1,2) - Some overlaps in your diff makes it look messy too.
You really gotta look out for these things.. theres nothing that justifies such things ^^ as i already said in my original post. Yea your ideas might be good already but the execution lacks several important things.

I do get your thing about the spacing. In the extra, as i said, its probably the best diff since its at least playable spacingwise etc. But making weird spacing in lower diffs with ar 6/7 or even lower and then putting a lot of breaks in it makes it literally unplayable for ppl who dont know the map.

In your insane: 00:28:634 (1,2,3,4,5,1) - you made this pattern for example. Why arent the 2 sliders exactly the same?
Also if you wanna have all these breaks in this diff then make ar to AT LEAST 8.5. even though these breaks dont really complement the music at all, even if you want to map the voice just make sliders over the "breaks". It will still be mapped after the singing, like you want it to be, but it will just be MUCH better to play. Making breaks like this was used in 2009 maybe but nowadays its like not used at all anymore since.. yea.. its just not that good compared to just making sliders for example. Better to read better to play.. why'd you do breaks then?

Dont know what you mean in the hard but oh well ^^ im just trying to explain you what you can do better since.. well.. like this the map will not get ranked status for sure. Its nothing wrong with trying to map different things for your diffs but yea it has to be good then.
As i said look at other maps you like that are ranked. I can assure you as long as its a map from 2014+ you wont do any bad things from analyzing them/comparing these maps to yours and see what you did wrong and stuff.

Gl :3
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