The Phoenix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban Trilogy

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Here are my latest works - a tribute to the PW/GS series on Nintendo DS. The music is from Magical Trick Society - a VG music remixing group. The album is called CADENZA. For those who have played the games, I'm sure you'll recognize the music :D

Artist: Magical Trick Society
Difficulties: [Hard], [Insane]
Download: Magical Trick Society - Examination ~ Allegro
Download: Magical Trick Society - Investigation ~ Cornered
Download: Magical Trick Society - Phoenix Wright ~ Objection!

I'm going straight into Objection.
Hahaha that was quite delightful. I like the sound effects used. This, unfortunately, wasn't the song I was thinking of. (You know, the one that plays when you do something awesome...but I digress). Song was something I didn't recognize, but I picked up on most of it pretty quickly. There's a few sections (particularly with the sliders) where you'll slide to one side of the screen and then immediately need to jump back to the other side of the screen. Just don't make the gaps too large and everyone should be happy.

I planned to do something like this eventually.

Still awesome. :3

Also @awp: The 'awesome' song is Investigation ~ Cornered, which plays near the end of a court day. Objection! is what plays when you find a contradiction in a testimony, generally.
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Oops, forgot to add a "production notes" post. I was going to double post to avoid the Beatmap Listing page being swamped by a massive first post - guess that's not an issue now :D


I tried experimenting with a few things with this trilogy. They are listed below:

  1. Repeating sliders - tried to make them longer to thwart the hack of clicking in one place and holding it there. Also increased required accuracy to ensure mouse movement is forced :D
  2. Flow of notes (at least for songs 1 and 3) - I extensively playtested to ensure that jumps between successive phrases are not excessive. You should find that in most cases, the start of one combo is close to the end of the previous one. So awp, I don't know what you're talking about ^^
  3. [Insane] difficulty - in line with the new definition, I've deliberately made the Insane versions of all 3 songs reasonably easy to pass. However, I've included many "combo breaker" features such as long, fast, narrow sliders and grace notes to ensure that getting A or S rank will be REALLY hard.
  4. Custom sounds - hope you like them. I thought they were pretty appropriate :D Thanks to peppy for implementing the custom sound set feature just for me :mrgreen:
My favourite is definitely song 1 (the Allegro). Song 2 I started ages ago, and I'm not too happy with it but it's a repetitive song so meh. Song 3 is the hardest on Insane mode ;)

I considered making beatmaps of the songs from the Jazz Soul or Orchestra albums (I personally like those albums better), but found that the electronic beats of CADENZA were much better suited for a rhythm game like osu!.

Thanks for the comments so far!
Just gonna add to this as I go through them. These are all on hard, Because I'm not good. D:

Examination - Allegro - Jesus, fast slides. OH well, made it more challenging, and the hits were forgiving. Good beat spacing, except for the one bit near 3/4th of the way though where you hit the corners. Also, GAVEL GAVEL GAVEL WHIP GAVEL GAVEL GAVEL TAKE THAT!

Investigation - Cornered - Awp, this is the awesome song you wanted, I think. So, exact same thing. Sliders are too fast for me, but I'm beginning to think I just suck at sliders. Also, this map could use some beat spacing, just a bit. I'm raking in the 50s (Once again, I suck), but at least It's forgiving. Sounds on time. Epic piano is epic. Also, GAVEL GAVEL GAVEL WHIP GAVEL GAVEL GAVEL TAKE THAT!

Phoenix Wright - Objection! - Well, by now I'm used to the sliders, I guess, 'cause they seem fine. I have a hard time following the beat, but I can tell it's timed right. I need more practice. D: But then again, I'm getting more used to your beat placing too; maybe these maps are an acquired taste. Also, GAVEL GAVEL GAV::Gets shot::
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Manabeast wrote:

Also, GAVEL GAVEL GAV::Gets shot::
...blows smoke from gun barrel. :mrgreen:
These songs are dying to be ranked.
I love all three. :3333
Too much positive response. Ranked.

eyup wrote:

Manabeast wrote:

Also, GAVEL GAVEL GAV::Gets shot::
...blows smoke from gun barrel. :mrgreen:

...Merry Christmas.


Also, woo, rankage. I'ma go claim a spot that will surely be beaten by morning.
And I thought there weren't any PW fans over here...

Nice maps. Too bad the songs are a bit too repetitious but there's nothing we can about that.

I'm going to make a beatmap for Pursuit ~ Caught Hard Rock Remix (the very same one played in several PW trailers) so stay tuned! ;)
Can you provide a link to where I can download other Phoenix Wright songs like this? (the remixes that you have)
If you mean the mp3 of other remixes like these, try looking in this site.
Hmm... decent job on them, but the constant use of spinners kind of wrecks the beat of the song. The location of the slider-ending "bangs!" tend to go against what the mind expects, making it hard to recover.

Just some food for thought.

(EDIT: Does that last post say 2007? Ah, that's not a good way to make a start.)
Just a tip:

The name of this song is ~ Pursuit - Cornered ~, and this one plays when you exchange objections on the court.
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