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Welcome to the Fruit Modding Union!

What is this group?

This group is a collaboration of osu!catch modders with the shared goal of increasing the pace of which maps are being modded and the quality of those mods. In this way, we strive for a more experienced, interactive, and flexible modding and mapping community.
What’s the point of this group, anyways?

Lately, we’ve felt that the mapping and modding process has gotten slower over time, and to suit the increasing amount of mappers, it makes sense to increase modding productivity. This also gives a chance to allow other, lesser known mappers to showcase their maps to the public, since not everyone feels confident enough to seek help from experienced modders and mappers. Ideally, this will also remove the negative “businesslike” stigma of Mod-4-Mod, and teach people that modding has the potential to greatly improve mapping ability.
What do I need to join?

While we don’t enjoy quantifying people, there has to be some filter to show you’re actually willing to be active.
  1. You must have gathered at least 20 Kudosu in your entire modding history. Note that we will also examine your mod posts to determine how you received those kudosu.
  2. You must have basic knowledge of the English language so as to ease communication between not only the group members but mappers as well. Although this might seem like a rather constraining rule, it’s more of a failsafe so as to allow a more coherent and concise communication and to avoid misunderstandings.
  3. We will be doing periodic checkups on members to make sure that activity is maintained.
Please follow these rules!
  1. The goal is to promote activity. Thus, we ask that you do at least 4 osu!catch mods per month - that’s equivalent to about a mod every week. Please keep note that 4 mods a month is the minimum, not the maximum. The highest performing modders each month will be recognized in the thread and will receive a free mod from a manager.
  2. Do not use this thread as a means of getting mods of any kind. In that same vein, do not derail this thread.
  3. Treat your fellow modders nicely. Breaking the rules of the Code of Conduct for Mapping and Modding will not be tolerated.
  4. If you are unable to meet the modding activity requirement or you wish to exit the modding group for any reason, make sure to inform the staff members before doing so. There is no shame or penalty if you don’t want to mod anymore - everyone needs to take a break sometimes!
  5. Please report your mods with links and kudosu count to a staff member so that we can easily log your activity. We will periodically check your profile to confirm this.

Failure to adhere to these rules may warrant 1, 2, or 3 strikes depending on severity. If you meet/exceed 3 strikes in total, you will be removed from the modding group and will not be allowed to join for 3 months pending an improvement in behaviour.
Logs coming soon!

Registration Link here!
  1. Nokashi Co-Manager
  2. Absolute Zero Co-Manager
  3. JBHyperion Statistician
  4. - Magic Bomb - Consultation
  1. BoberOfDarkness
  2. celerih
  3. JeirYagtama
  4. Jusenkyo
  5. Myle
  6. Nelly
  7. Paranoid Grapes
  8. Sanyi
guess ill join if I got atleast 20 kds from ctb maps xd
so... rip CTB Modding Group uwu

-Sh1n1- wrote:

so... rip CTB Modding Group uwu
CTB Modding Group still remains in our hearts.
We need a new banner/signature for this like the one for the ctb modding group
rest in piece ctb modding group :(

alienflybot wrote:

Oh yes
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