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to make it quick:

When I go ingame I find the list of my available songs, as I am used to.

By default the beatmaps are grouped and sorted in the way I closed osu! the last time, and that's very good.
However, say I want to group my maps by Date Added and sort by title (but not by default). An ideal solution would be to just click on a preset tab.

At the moment, the tabs are "Collections", "Recently Played", "By Artist", "By Difficulty", "No Grouping"

But I personally never even use the "By Artist" and "By Difficulty" tab. I'd replace one of them to be "Grouped By Date Added and sorted By Title" so I don't have to set that up manually everytime.

Being able to change what these tabs do and give them custom names, just like collections, would be a huge thing for me when it comes to personalizing the game. Overall probably not such a difficult addition, but a very useful one for those who use another ordering than the default :)
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