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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Hi! Sorry if this mod sucks :(

00:38:453 - Add another note for more emphasis on cymbal. It's much louder than 00:39:112 but same note amount
00:40:349 - Missing note
01:09:442 - Missing note(s)
01:12:739 - Add note column 7
01:48:508 - Missing note
01:50:981 (110981|5) - Move up to 01:51:145
01:51:805 - Add note
01:53:783 - Add note
02:34:827 - Drum note is very loud here so many make it 3 note instead of 2? (might want to make the 3 note before it into 2 if you make this change)
02:35:486 - ^
02:36:145 - ^
04:14:222- Missing note(s)

Again, sorry if this mod sucks. I'm not very good...

Anyways, FUN MAP!!! :)
Good luck ranking this map!
No no, the modding has been very helpful! :D
The moddings are on point and I liked it :)
The tags aren't the same between the two difficulties.
You should probably add some tags to help the user search for your map. Include things like japanese, and the genre of music.

Note: I use ccolumn 0|1|2|3|4|5|6, not column 1|2|3|4|5|6|7 when describing columns. Please be aware of this.

At the beginning of the map, I'm very confused what you are mapping. Are you mapping to the vocals, the instrument, or both? I can't really mod your note placement for pitch in the beginning.
00:08:124 (8124|0,8124|6,8453|1,8453|5,8783|3,8783|2,9113|4) - uhh, this should have a lot less LNs. also at the end 7 keys are pressed, while the maximum allowed is 6 keys. Example of remap:
00:08:124 - Starting here until the end of the LNs don't forget to map the instrument.
00:10:926 - Remove note here. There isn't a sound here.
00:10:761 - to 00:11:091 - remap first stairs for pitch.
00:11:173 - Place a note/notes here.
00:11:420 - Remove note here.
00:11:255 - to 00:11:585 - remap these stairs for pitch.
00:11:668 - place a note here
00:11:750 - Remove some notes here. Too many notes for such an unimportant sound. Perhaps remove the leftmost and the rightmost note?
00:12:244 - Remove note here.
00:12:574 - Remove note here.
00:13:069 - Remove two notes here, its the same instrument as 00:12:739 -
00:13:563 - Add another note here
00:13:728 - Remove the left two notes.
00:13:893 - Remove note here.
00:14:058 - and 00:14:222 - Swap around these two chords. The first one has a higher pitch than the second one.
00:14:387 - Have the chord only be in columns 5 and 6, since it is a different instrument than the previous chords, but it is the same pitch as 00:13:728 -
00:14:552 - Have only columns 0 and 1 have notes. The note is around the same pitch as 00:14:222 -
00:14:882 - Remove note here.
00:14:717 - Move this chord to the left side of the LN since it is the same instrument as 00:14:552 - Have the chord be in columns 0 and 1. Have at least one note on the right side to represent the cymbal, column 6 would work.
I've been modding your map for about 30 minutes now, yet have only gotten 15 seconds in. @_@ Read the suggestions above, and go through the rest of your map looking for notes that shouldn't be their, chords with too many notes, and making sure that you map notes based on their pitch. The good thing about 7K is that there is so many keys you can represent pitch much better than with only 4 keys.
Finally a kano song in mania :) I can't read "Hanabi" diff so will just focusing on Insane.

open it
  1. Disable widescreen support
  2. Your song isn't over 5 min so you need at least 2 lower diff if you are aiming rank, probably Normal and Hard, I can do you a GD in next week if you want (PM me)
  1. 00:12:080 - Add a note for the crash
  2. 00:13:398 - You can haer no drum sound here so remove a note, and add a note at 00:13:563 - if you want, I think it would be nice
  3. 00:14:717 - Add a note for the crash as well, I think you know my point here so I won't say it out again
  4. 00:21:310 - Same as above, there is not any drum sound, so remove a note. Plus, this part is too tend to left hand, you better move some notes to right columns
  5. 00:23:783 - Not a good thing to start using short LN here, because you haven't used it to the same sound at previous part, make your map more consistant
  6. 00:26:255 - Add a note
  7. 00:26:915 - ^^
  8. 00:30:211 - 4 notes here would be good
  9. 00:32:354 - Maybe like that: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/8469713
  10. 00:40:761 (40761|5,40761|1) - Move to outside columns, feel more comfortable to play
  11. 00:42:904 (42904|3) - Move to col 3
  12. 00:43:398 (43398|3) - Move to col 7 and 00:43:481 (43481|6) - to col 6
  13. 00:43:893 - I just point a few things about this pattern, I think you have overused short LNs and jacks, most of them aren't necessary so try to reduse them
  14. 00:52:464 - Add a note or two
  15. 00:52:959 - I think you should use double for these drum sounds
  16. 00:54:689 (54689|5,54854|5,55019|3) - These are ghost notes, pleace remove them and adjust your pattern a bit
  17. 00:56:915 - Like that: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/8469759
  18. 00:58:893 - You should put some notes on outside columns in this part
  19. 01:07:794 - Add some notes for this drum sound
  20. 01:10:266 - This part is so weird... I think you should just put double notes and mess them up
  21. 01:11:915 - Add some notes for drums here
  22. 01:20:733 (80733|5,80816|4,80898|3,81063|1,81145|2,81228|3) - I think you have to rearrange the chorus, because most of notes like these are ghost notes, and I think the pattern is too simple if you just put stairs there
  23. 01:24:607 - More issues are found, there isn't any sound so remove these notes, recheck the chorus again, you will find more
  24. 01:24:689 (84689|6,84689|4,84772|5,84854|6,84937|4,84937|5) - Move some notes here to the left
  25. 01:25:926 - That isn't necessary, I can only hear "Don Dang, Don Don Dang" sounds, so pleace rearrange here as well
  26. 01:27:080 - Remove a note or two, I think 6 is too much
  27. 01:27:574 (87574|2,87574|5,87574|3,87574|4) - Change to normal note, remove a note and adjust this pattern a bit
  28. 01:27:904 - Just map drum sounds properly, not just put a stair and ignore them
  29. 01:38:948 - Add a note for the crash
  30. 01:39:607 - Remove a note or two
  31. 01:40:266 - Add some notes here
  32. 01:40:596 - Make your pattern more flexible, for example: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/8469848
  33. 01:42:080 - Alright here, remember one thing, unify your note amount like double for the bass drum, triple or quadra for the snare, don't just put notes so randomly
  34. 01:43:975 - The sound begins louder here, under that better use single note only

My mod will stop here, seems like you haven't finish this yet. Pleace do a self-check with my points, if you have any question about my mod just PM me, and pleace reply my mod one by one

Good luck :)
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