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Uhm... I'm not sure where to post this... I haven't seen such a tutorial yet, so I decided to make one myself.
GIMP is a great freeware; you can download it here: http://www.gimp.org/downloads/

Well now the tutorial... (My GIMP version is german; I'm sorry for that...)

Depending on the size of the image, you may have to to change the magnification scale (?). Here I chose 400%, because the image is tiny.

Now to the tool box
1) choose the tool "Filler" (?)
2) click on "BG-Colour" (I think it's BG-Colour, because of "background")
3) click on the Drop-Down-Menu
4) choose "remove colour" (?)
By the way... by choosing "Opacity" (between Point 2 and 3 on the pic) you can make the area something between completely transparent and not transparent. That's how I make my hitcircles (I chose 30%)

Now you have only one more thing to do: select the areas which you want to be transparent.

Hope I could help :)

Comments are welcome :)
I could've used this years ago!

*adds to list of useful guides*
Take an image that has a varying background.

Make a new layer, then paint over the part you want to keep.

Once you have the outline done, use the fuzzy select tool (shortcut "u"), select the empty area in the middle, and go to select -> grow -> 1

Fill the area by pressing ctrl+b and make sure you fill the whole selection

^ click that or press "shift" when you click the image to fill

Right click on the layer and press "alpha to selection"

Copy/Paste the original layer

You can take a look at it on a black background to see where else you may need to erase.

You can either manually erase them or play around with the image until you get it right. You can also do what the previous tutorial describes.
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